Online gifts DubaiWhen we choose gifts, we make our decisions based on the brand name, the price, the quality provided and the appropriateness for the occasion. However, many times, we are on the lookout for online gifts in Dubai that are just unique. Uniqueness is found when the gift is exclusive and creative at the same time; uniqueness is also when the gift receiver does not expect to be gifted such an item and is pleasantly surprised! If this is the kind of gift card that you are seeking, then we are happy to tell you that you can find it right here with us. To illustrate our point, we have put together a list of 11 exclusive pieces that gift receivers can buy, using our gift cards. So, here it goes:

  1. unique online giftsThe Creopop Pen Starter Kit – With the Virgin Megastore eGift Card, your loved ones can purchase this one of a kind item. It is a pencil that allows you to create designs that come to life. It is a great gift for both kids and adults as they can use their creativity in a whole newway!
  2. The Pom Pom Hoop Earrings – This pair of accessories is designed to make any outfit stand out from the rest. They are available in pink and red, and can be purchased with the Qanz Zara eGift Card, one of our online gifts UAE-residents love!
  3. The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Box for Samsung – Not only is this item super fun, it also allows gift receivers to see the world in a completely unique way. They can get their hands on this gadget with a eGift Card!
  4. The Skyland Foot Massage Spa – Did you know that gift receivers can buy this in-home foot massage spa to use after a long, exhausting work day with a Sharaf DG gift voucher?
  5. coffee machines - online gifts uaeNespresso Coffee Machines – We love it, we need it, we have it on a daily basis. Yes, we are talking about coffee! With the Galeries Lafayette eGift Card, your loved one can get their hands on the best coffee machines.
  6. The Silky Skin Body Scrub with Seaweed – Here is another one of our unique online gift ideas, from Tips and Toes. It is an exceptional skin treatment that will leave your loved one feeling refreshed.
  7. The Razor Ground Force Drifter Go-Kart – With a Toys R Us eGift Card, kids are in for a unique treat: they can buy this go cart to cruise around in style with their friends!
  8. Burberry Beard Oil – Moving on to beauty-related gifts, the Wojooh eGift Card is definitely unique in that it also has this great product for men. If you know a man who cares a lot for his beard, gift him this card with which he can buy this amazing beard oil.
  9. The Water Lily Candleholder – You may know Swarovski as a seller of handmade crystal jewelry. But, did you know they also sell beautiful home décor pieces such as this one that can improve any home’s design?
  10. turn table - online gift ideasThe Mackie 4-Channel Professional Effects Mixer – Do you know someone who is an up-and-coming DJ, or is trying to be? If so, the Melody House eGift Card is the only one that will let them buy this exclusive music mixer.
  11. The Nike White Sneaker Collection – Here is where gift receivers will find the freshest pair of white shoes for the summer, and it is available with the Sun and Sands Sports eGift Card.

Whatever you select, you can be sure that it will be among the most unique online gifts Dubai-dwellers have ever seen!

P.S: Make sure you suggest the unique gift in the personal message of your eGift Card!

Online Gifts Dubai

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