It’s no secret that the quality standards for stocking stuffers are inversely proportionate to the amount you have to buy. You can’t possibly have an awesome idea for every single one of those little devils… or could you?

We’ve rounded up 25 stocking stuffer ideas that actually don’t suck. You can even skip choosing a specific color or size by buying an eGift Card that can be used to buy them, print it, place it inside the stocking, and let the recipient choose their favorite. Isn’t that awesome?

1- Novelty Socks

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What’s a better way to fill an inexplicably large sock than with other regular-sized socks? Make sure you choose them in cool bright colors and prints so they make a statement, or let the recipient choose their favorite.

2- Journal or Planner

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The best way to start a new year is with a good plan, and the best way to do that is by keeping a journal that could function both as a diary and a planner. Help your family plan the year ahead in a more organized and consistent way, and in style too.

3- Beautiful Classic Novel Editions

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For the bookworm in your life, don’t just pick any random book and hope they like it. Give them the chance to choose their favorite classic in a beautiful edition that they can proudly display on their bookshelf.

4- Christmas Candle

Find it here. Alternatively, find a flameless Christmas tree-scented wax melt here.

Nothing screams Christmas more than lighting a scented candle while cozying up with a book or a movie. Even better if the candle shaped as a Christmas or fir tree, they can pick their favorite!

5- Kitchen Timer

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Who’s the Master Chef in your family? Let them pick this pretty kitchen timer that can double up as a fridge magnet to hang their favorite recipe where they can always find it (and hopefully cook it for the whole family!).

6- Photo Frame

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Rattan Parisian café style is so in this year. Get this beautiful frame for the fashionable one in your family (Spoiler: it will appear on their Instagram. A lot.)

7- Christmas Stuffed Figure

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These figures are so cute we can’t believe they weren’t made in Santa’s workshop! Any child (or stuffed figure adult collector – we’re not judging!) in your family would love them!

8- Winter Accessories

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Some of us get too excited about winter, mainly because we finally get to wear all those cozy and chic accessories. If you know one of those people, drop one of these in their stocking this year.

9- Glamorous Party Accessories

Fin it here.

The holiday season usually means a string of parties that you need to attend – and glam up for. Help the family fashionista look like a million dollars in each one of those parties.

10- Skincare

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Ever since the K-beauty movement took the world by storm, everyone became a lot more caring towards their skin. Plus, everyone deserves a self-care kit no matter what their interests are.

11- Makeup

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If someone in your family watches YouTube makeup tutorial almost 90% of the time, and their eyebrows are on-fleek 100% of the time, then please, get them makeup. They Can. Never. Have. Enough.

12- Grooming Kit

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A stylish man is a well-groomed man. Whether he has a beard or not, there’s a way to help him look immaculate every single day.

13- Men’s Skincare

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We get it, most men won’t even consider skincare if it looks remotely “feminine”. If they need skincare just give them the “manly” stuff. After all. it’s not their poor skin’s fault!

14- DIY tools

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Any self-respecting DIYer needs a portable mini version of their toolbox for quick fixes. They’re crafty and you never know when or where their skills will be required.

15- Gym Water Bottle

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Fitness enthusiasts can never have too many water bottles. Or protein bars. Or gym gear. Or gym mirror-selfies. Or gym anything really.

16- Sunglasses & Sunglasses Chains

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Although very underrated, every stylish person knows how much of a statement the right pair of sunglasses can make. Give them sunglasses (or chainsvery in!) to add to their collection.

17- Men’s Accessories

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A dapper man’s outfit is not complete without the right tie or bow tie (or braces if he’s not scared of making a fashion statement!)

18- Coffee Runs

Practically everyone would be ecstatic if they found out that one (or more) of their coffee runs is already paid for!

19- Baby Care Kits

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New parents in the family? Give them a kit that could make their lives a bit easier. Seriously, new parents appreciate any help they could get.

20- Surprise Toy

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What’s more exciting to a kid that reaching into their stocking to find a gift? Finding a mystery gift that they can get excited while guessing and unwrapping!

21- Pregnancy/Parenting Books

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If someone in your family is expecting, prepare them for the exciting (and scary!) journey ahead with a choice of pregnancy or parenting books. It’s also worth noting that Mumzworld offer a Santa delivery!

22- Spa Card

New moms and not-so-new moms (and everyone, really!) deserves to be pampered every once in a while. Give them the luxury of choosing a spa treatment they’d enjoy.

23- Pet Food & Grooming

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There’s a reason why pet parents are always broke, they’re always buying the best toys and treats for their precious cuddly babies. Help their fur baby live its best life, and you’ll be in their good books forever.

24- Car Care

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Given that their love for their cars (and the fact that they won’t shut up about it) is weird, car enthusiasts are always excited to use the best products to keep their cars… happy? Yeah, totally weird.

25- Online Shopping Spree

Some people enjoy shopping for the things they love. Others just enjoy shopping, period. You know what’s the best gift for the latter? A gift that lets them shop without paying (that doesn’t involve shoplifting!)

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