8 Modern Ikea Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Price Range: AED 19 – AED 99

Do you have a housewarming party coming up? We’ve compiled a list of eight modern housewarming gift ideas from Ikea’s latest collections that are sure to please those with a quirky taste! From decorative pieces, candles, clocks and wall décor, you’re bound to find the perfect item at an affordable cost! 

1)    Ikea Graddig, Wall Decoration Set; AED 99

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These may look like regular buttons from a far, but in reality they are eye-catching decorative wall pieces for the home or office! They come in an assortment of different patterns and colors to choose from. It makes for a great alternative to the usual plates or pictures that are traditionally hung. They also don’t require much maintenance as it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

2)   Ikea Liknande, Flowerpot Decoration Set; AED 35

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For those who live a busy hectic life, odds are they don’t have time to take care of living plants, let alone the dishes, hence why these flowerpot decorations make for the perfect alternative! These stylish silhouettes can be placed anywhere in the home such as on a shelf, or near a window!

3)   Ikea Rotera, Lantern for Tealights; AED 21

Ikea Rotera lantern for tea lightsThese bold lanterns for tea lights are great for both the indoors and outdoors! They come in an assortment of colors and are sure to add a vibrant glow to any room.

4)   Ikea Rutin, Scented Block Candle; AED 19

Ikea Rutin Scented Block CandleThese block candles really make a statement on their own; the bold black color is also suitable for any modern space.

5)   Ikea SMYCKE, Wall Clock; AED 59

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This is not just any ordinary clock, this fun timepiece can be designed as you please. It comes with 28 colored pieces that you can easily build like a puzzle. Best part is that if you get tired of the same clock design you can always re-assemble it to look completely different!

6)   Ikea Olunda, Picture; AED 65

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This picture adds nice depth to any wall, as when mounted from a distance it has dimension. The typewriter image adds a vintage feel to a modern setting. This would be great for a home office!

7)   Ikea PotPourri, Scented; AED 6 &  8) Ikea Blomster, clear glass bowl; AED 35

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This beautiful assortment of scented potpourri not only adds a great scent to the room, but is also visually appeasing when placed in a clear glass bowl on center or side table. Potpourri can be placed in any room in the home, including the washroom! Best of all, the clear glass bowl is multi-purposed as it can be used as a candle holder, or to serve snacks for guests!

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