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We Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife – Wedding Gifts in Dubai

wedding gifts dubaiWeddings are a special time to celebrate the union of a man and a woman who share love, respect and admiration. The couple has been planning for months for one of the biggest days of their lives and are expecting it to be perfect. You can participate in making it so by offering them a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime and will make their day even more exceptional. You might be wondering what that gift might be or you might have no idea what you can offer them. That’s why we are here! We have compiled a list of wedding gifts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities in the Middle East so you can present the happy couple with the perfect gift for their wedding day and for the rest of their lives. And so, here are a few gift card options especially for the occasion of weddings, available on

  • wedding jewellery giftsIf you have been invited by the bride herself, then you can choose to send her a special something. A LIALI Jewelry gift voucher is a great option for the bride-to-be as their range of items will make her shine and sparkle on her honeymoon and on other occasions during their marriage. Wedding planning is especially stressful for the bride! So, how about offering the perfect spa getaway with an online gift card from SpaCORDON? Here, she will forget about all the frustration of planning the wedding and indulge in ultimate relaxation.
  • On the other side, the groom will also need a gift! With a Plug Ins gift card or Sharaf DG gift card, he can decorate his new home with the best home appliances and electronics from the best brands on the market. It’s an electronics lover’s paradise! Alternatively, you can offer him an opportunity to join Dubai’s surf community with an eGift card from The Surf House. With this gift, he can learn the basics of surfing, and even Yoga, and buy the best swimming gear from brands such as Quicksilver and Roxy.
  • Finally, you might want to choose a single gift for both of them, a gift for the couple. In this case, there are several options to choose from. If you would like to contribute to their honeymoon, then select the gift card or Dreamdays gift card with which they can travel anywhere in the world. Another option for the couple is an online voucher from Loomi Photography. Not only will they take amazing pictures of the newlyweds, these pictures will last a lifetime. This is a memorable gift that will stay with the couple for a very long time.

wedding gift ideas dubaiNow that the couple is going to live together, both of them need to learn how to cook! This can be done with a gift voucher from Top Chef with which they can learn the recipes for delicious dishes from the chefs themselves and cook them on a night in. This is a wedding gift Dubai-dwelling couples will definitely love!

Some gifters believe that couples prefer monetary donations than items that they will not use and some couples create a wedding registry in which guests can send money or gift cards. This can also be done on and is the perfect way to give the happy couple the gifts that they want.

You will never run out of wedding gift ideas in Dubai (and other locations in the region) on our online gifting platform. In addition to the options mentioned above, there are plenty of others that will amaze both the bride and the groom.

Do your part at their wedding and allow them to live happily ever after…

wedding gifts in dubai

It’s his Big Day! Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

birthday Gifts for himEver since a very young age, we look up to the different men in our lives. From our very first steps as babies to our entry into adulthood, our fathers have been there to help us at every step. When you had trouble at school or needed someone to play with at home, there was your brother, always ready to protect you from harm and keep you from boredom. And then, as we get older, we meet another very special man: our soul mate and our potential lifelong partners. These men have made our lives better and happier and so, when it is time for their big birthday, we have to make sure they are feeling as special as they have made us feel in the past years.

We are here to help you with this difficult task of finding a special gift for the men in your life. has a long list of birthday gifts for him that are definitely going to impress all kinds of men: those who love fitness and the outdoors, the fashion conscious men, the technology lovers and even the foodies. We’ve put together a few birthday gift ideas for him in the following list:

  • Go Karting GiftsFor the lovers of the great outdoors and fitness: you can offer them an eGift card from Dubai Kartdrome or the Dubai Autodrome! With this card, they can enjoy being outdoors while getting a true adrenaline rush when driving the karts. It is truly a one of a kind experience for the adventurous man as well as the fitness and outdoors lover.
  • The fashion enthusiast man will definitely find something they love on You can choose from many clothing options as birthday gifts for him in Dubai: a Tommy Hilfiger online gift card will make sure he is dressed in the most fashionable way or a Nike gift card will let them look their best at all times, when they are simply out at the mall and even while they are exercising.
  • The technology lovers will rejoice with our wide range of technology related gifts. A voucher is a great option with which your man can buy the best items at the best price, best quality and from the convenience of his home. Or, you can gift him an eGift card from Plug Ins, the giant of electronics in the country that offers top of the line electronics all under one roof.
  • cooking giftsFor the man who absolutely loves food, how about offering him the gift of deliciousness from Cantina Laredo, a gourmet Mexican restaurant where they can truly enjoy the taste of Mexico? Or, better yet, you can gift them cooking lessons with an eGift card from Top Chef!

Birthday gifting for him has never been so easy. Let them choose the items they love from the stores that they like. If you are not happy with any of the above options, you can offer him the gift card that allows him to choose whatever he wants from our range of options.

Our list of birthday gifts for men does not end here! Our website has even more options that are sure going to make your man feel special. Whether you are searching for a gift for boyfriend, husband, brother or male colleague, we have got you covered for all your birthday gifting needs!

Just visit the website and you will have a gift in no time: simply click on the gift card of your liking, enter the amount, choose a greeting card, enter a message and that is it! Your gift will then be sent to them.

Birthday Gifts Dubai

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Christmas Gifting in Dubai!

Christmas Gifts DubaiIt’s the most wonderful time of the year again! The Christmas tree is up, the weather is getting chilly and the stores are preparing the Christmas gifting season. Yes, Christmas is almost upon
us and it is time to start planning for the big day. We understand it might be a stressful time because you have to find a gift for each and every member of your family and even some of your close friends. It is definitely not an easy job, especially when you have no clue what to get for each person. Fortunately, we are here to help you with that and make your Christmas smooth and easy. Our online gifting platform offers eGift cards from many brands across the United Arab Emirates and other cities in the Middle East (Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia). We have a long list of Christmas gifts from men, women and kids of all age groups. So, if you are wondering what you can get, here’s a list of Christmas Gift Ideas (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities in the Middle East) for your loved ones:

  1. For the ladies: While it may seem difficult to find the perfect gift for the special ladies in your life, a few options can be an eGift card from Swarovski. It is the ideal gift to make her look sparkling and elegant this season!
    Christmas Gifts Ladies
    If you think your loved one needs a break this Christmas season to relax and unwind, then give them an online voucher from Zen Yoga . This center offers yoga and meditation classes that are a guaranteed relaxation method.
  1. For the men: They need gifts too and fortunately, we have a few good ideas. You can select an online gift card from the Jazz Lounge Spa where they can simply getaway, unravel and be in a stress-free environment.
    Alternatively, you may choose the satisfy the sports enthusiast man in your life by gifting him a Go Sport eGift card. With this card, they can buy the best quality sporting goods and equipment, at a reasonable price.
  1. For the little kids: Christmas time is most important for the kids as they wait for Santa to put Christmas Gifts Kidstheir gifts under the Christmas tree. Santa, here are some ideas for you: A Build A Bear eGift card for the little munchkins to make their own teddy bear or, a Magic Planet gift card so they can play the games and win great prizes. The kids will love these gifts and the many other options we have for them on our website.

With these Christmas Gifts in Dubai, this holiday is truly made special! These are only some ideas that are available on; there are many others that you can browse through.

The best part? It’s that we make shopping so easy. All it takes is three clicks: one when you choose the gift voucher and enter the amount, one when you want to personalize the gift for the special someone and a final one to send it.

We also have an option if you truly don’t know what you can get and that’s the gift card. With this card, gift receivers can choose whichever brand they want from our options and choose the items they really love.

So, relax this Christmas season, ladies and gentlemen, because we have got you covered when it comes to Christmas Gifts Dubai-dwellers will love!

Always remember though: the best Christmas gift is having the entire family all wrapped up in each other. Merry Christmas to all from everyone at!

Online Gifts Dubai

Send your Love Across Borders! Online Gifting Made Easy

Send Gifts to DubaiIn today’s day and age, many families and friends live far away from each other because of work or education. Distance separates and divides family members and groups of friends. Many of us have a best friend or a close relative living abroad and whom we miss terribly. It is true that many of these friendships drift apart but some, remain as strong as steel, for a very long time. Some of us can just spend hours reminiscing on the good old days when we spent lots of time with that person, simply laughing and creating unforgettable memories.

If the person you miss lives in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Bahrain, then we found a sure way to make your relationship with your friend or family much stronger. believes that friendship can cross borders and we let you do exactly that. With our broad range of online gift cards, you can send gifts to UAE (as well as other countries) dwellers at the click of a button. All it takes is a visit to, a selection of an eGift card and a little personalization to make it extra special.

Our platform has a long list of gift ideas especially suitable for your loved one living abroad! If you are looking to send online gifts to Dubai, you can choose items ranging from dining experiences to simply apparel. And so, gifts for the foodie, the technology lover, the fashionista and the fitness expert are all available on our website. What better way to remind your loved ones living in the UAE or other countries in the Middle East that you are thinking of them?

To make it easier to send gifts to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut and other cities, here is a short list of gift ideas that can inspire and help you make the right choice for your friend or relative.dining gifts dubai

  1. If you are dealing with a foodie, then how about offering them a unique dining experience at The Meat Co? This restaurant offers them top of the line food and drinks, as well as breathtaking views from their different branches of both Burj Khalifa and the Abu Dhabi Mosque.
  2. Technology lovers will rejoice with an eGift card from Sharaf DG, where they can find all the electronics they want as well as the accessories for all their gadgets.
  3. The fashionista is definitely going on a long shopping spree once he or she receives an eGift card from Galeries Lafayette. They simply have everything: from eyewear to handbags and luxury accessories and shoes. It’s the shop to be in for all shopping needs!sporting gifts dubai
  4. For the sports enthusiasts, you can choose from a long list of online gift cards, including Sun and Sand Sports, Nike or the Dubai Kartdrome. Inspire them to be the best and fittest version of themselves.

These are only some of the options found on; there are over 90 brands in total that you can select to make the perfect gift for your loved one in the UAE.

The best part? That it can all be done in about three steps and from the convenience of your own home. Just head to, select the gift card and the amount of your choice, then add your message, a photo and a greeting card. That’s it!

At, we believe that closeness has nothing to do with distance, and this is why we make it very easy for you to send your love to your friends and family living abroad.

Visit us today and let your loved ones know that distance means so little because they mean so much.

Online Gifts Dubai

Save the Dates! Don’t Miss The Chance To Greet & Gift!

Online Gift Ideas DubaiWe are all busy, all the time. We have tons of work to worry about, friends we have to keep in
touch with, family we have to see and ourselves we have to entertain and take care of. With all of this in mind, we’re bound to forget about some very important events and occasions that might be right around the corner. Fortunately, is here to help with that. Not only do we offer great online gift ideas, we have also put together a little list of the main events and their exact dates in the coming year (2016-2017).

Mark your calendars for October 30 because it will be the date of the time of Diwali, a precious time in which families gather to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. We have a wide range of online gifts in Dubai that you could offer your friends and family for this occasion. One option is a Malabar Gold & Diamonds eGift card that will definitely make your loved ones shine like the Diwali lights.

Christmas Gifts Dubai

The next important date that should be in your calendar is: December 25. Christmas is the season of gifting as well as a tough time to find gifts for everyone. With, you can send gifts to your loves ones in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha and many more cities across the region. The website has a category especially designed for Christmas gift ideas, ranging from Galeries Lafayette vouchers to Virgin Megastore.

As we approach the end of the month of December, we reach a New Year at midnight, on December 31st. Celebrate with those who have spent the new year with you over the last few years and rejoice them with an eGift card from or Sharaf DG gifts! Even if your friends and family live abroad, we let you send them a heartfelt wish with online gifts (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha and other major cities).

A very important date of the month of February is the 14th or as, most of you know it, Valentine’s day, the day of love. It’s that time of the year again where you can celebrate your significant others and the love you both share. Treat your partner to a fancy dinner at Mint Leaf of London where you can sip on tasty drinks and feast on delicious and refined food, while enjoying each other’s company.

Mothers day gifts DubaiOn March 21, it’s Mother’s Day. There is only one memorable way to thank your mom for all that she has done for you and that is through gifting and showing your appreciation to her, who has made your life happy. Say thanks by pampering your mother with an eGift card from N.BAR or spoiling her with an online voucher from LIALI Jewelry.

Fathers! We haven’t forgotten them at all. It’s their day on June 18th. They advise you, love you and support you every day of the year and so, they deserve a gift. How about offering them the gift of relaxation from 1847 or the choice of footwear and accessories from Nike?

Then comes Sister’s Day on August 6. You know what they say: side by side, or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart. There is no better way to celebrate sisterhood than together, with an online gift card from VOX Cinemas or Dreamworks Spa.


The day after, on August 7, we also celebrate Rakhi. On this special day, celebrate the special and unique bond that you share with your siblings. Affirm and strengthen your family tie with gifts and presents. Make your sister happy with an eGift card from Swarovski or show your appreciation to your brother by offering him a card from Sun and Sand Sports.

Finally, Eid this year will fall around September 1, 2017. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for gifts for this very important occasion. Think about these online gift cards as possible gifts: babyshop, Splash Fashions or the Nail Spa.

And so, we’ve got you covered on all the important dates from now until the rest of the year! With our easy-to-use and friendly platform, you can send gifts whenever you want and from wherever you want so long as you’ve got the application on your smartphones.

Allow us to help you remember the dates that matter and make those dates memorable for you and your loved ones.

Online Gifts Dubai

Romantic Gift Ideas in Dubai to Impress Your Love!

Love is always in the air at! Showing your love to your partner is a year long event, not a one-day of the year affair on February 14th.Romantic Gift Ideas Dubai

When was the last time you sent your significant other a gift to tell them you love them? If you can’t remember, then it’s about time you send him or her a little something. If you are out of ideas, we’ve got you covered with our wide variety of romantic gifts for her and romantic gifts for him. Here are a few of our romantic gift ideas:

  • NBar gift cardFor her: Your lady might be under stress from work, might need time off from the kids or a reward for her time and effort in taking care of them. Give her the gift of pampering with an eGift card from NBAR, NStyle or Casa Havana. The mentioned nail nstyle nail lounge gift cardsalons offer manicures, pedicures and relaxing massages and facials. They make a great romantic gift (Dubai only). Casa Havana also lets her enjoy all of these services while sipping on Cuban coffee and listening
    to renowned Latin tunes. Who can say no to some time off?


  • Urban Male Lounge Gift CardFor him: Romantic gifts for men are also widely available on our website. An Urban Male Lounge eGift card will definitely spoil the special man in your life! Their “Destressor” massage relieves the tension after a hard week of work and their Therapeutic Top-Chef Gift CardSports Massage will leave him feeling rejuvenated and reenergized. You can also opt for a unique culinary experience from Top Chef! This way, he can refine his kitchen skills, learn new recipes and cook you some tasty new meals at home.


  • Reel Cinemas Gift CardFor both: Maybe you haven’t gone out with your loved one in a long time and need to spend some quality time together… Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for both of you. Send your significant other an eGift card from Reel Cinemas and enjoy some time together watching blockbuster movies and snacking on some tasty popcorn.

You can also choose to have a few nights for yourselves at the Pullman Hotel in Deira where you can enjoy a five-star experience and pure relaxation.

Mint Leaf Dubai Gift
Or, how about going out for a romantic dinner at Mint Leaf of London? Their delightful food, dreamy ambience and superb views will create a very special evening for you and your loved one.

And if you’re in a long distance relationship with someone living in Dubai or the UAE, you can count on us to send them some love from you! Our platform allows you to choose gifts from wherever you are and deliver them via email or SMS. We believe that love has no borders and can cross oceans and continents! With us, you can send gifts to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other countries in the GCC.

Hope you found some interesting ideas for your search on romantic gifts in Dubai. So, visit our website, choose a relevant romantic eGift card and send it to your significant other. Don’t forget to also add a love note, a photo and a romantic greeting card!

Romantic Gifts Dubai

Let’s Customize Our Gifts! Personalized Gifts in Dubai

A common misconception about giving gift cards to loved ones is that they are impersonal and formal presents. At, we believe the opposite is true: eGift cards can be personalized and customized to a great extent, especially with our one of a kind personalization feature. Let us tell you how! The first step of the gifting process requires you to pick the brand you would like to gift from our selection of 95+ brands. Once you have done that, you will be asked to enter the desired amount to be sent to your recipient. The next step is where it gets fun and interesting. You have now reached the personalization platform! There are three main parts to this step that will give you personalized gifts in Dubai!

The first part requires you to choose a greeting card for the online voucher. We have designs for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, congratulations and baby, among many others. We even let you choose a custom design of your liking! Our selection will definitely not disappoint you as we have funny, cute and even plain and simple cards. Just look at these few examples:

Personalized Gifts in Dubai

Moving on to the second part, it’s time for you to write your message. You may enter around 189 words of text to express your warmest wishes or love to your recipient. Don’t know what to write? Let us give you a few ideas:

Birthday Wishes:

*Happy 24 Hours of Constant Facebook Notifications Day! Many Happy Returns!
*Wishing you another year of good health and success, Happy Birthday!
*Happy Birthday to my best friend! Here’s to another year of endless laughs, joy and memories!

You can even write a little something about some of the memories you both shared to make it extra personal!


*You have made us all very proud, Congratulations!
*A well earned promotion for a well deserved person! Congratulations!
*You are a shining star and an inspiration! Congratulations!

Thank You:

*Saying thank you hardly seems enough after all you have done for us.
*I want to thank you for your love, patience and kindness in all things you say and do.
*I owe you thanks for all the years you have been by my side.

The final part of the personalization features asks you to insert a photo or a video. Of course, this is optional. But, for those of you who really want to create a customized gift, then this is your chance. If you choose to upload a picture, then you can choose one from your personal files. On the other hand, the video will be recorded on the spot so make sure you are ready to express your love and heartfelt wishes to your loved one!

Here’s an example of the end result! How personal is this? Your loved ones will definitely be happy to receive it!

Personalized Gifts Dubai

Our personalized gift ideas are perfect for any occasion and will definitely impress the recipients! Those living in GCC countries will rejoice with these personalized gifts (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha and many other cities!)

Personalized Gifts Dubai

It’s a Birthday Bonanza! Birthday Gift Ideas in Dubai, UAE

15 million is the average number of people celebrating a birthday today! We know that some of them might be your close friends and loved ones, which is why we will never disappoint you when you are looking for a gift. How? Well, our gifting platform is extremely versatile in that it allows you to send birthday gifts to your friends or family members in Dubai, in the UAE and other countries in the Middle East including Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia!

Not only do our services cross continents and countries, it also makes sure you are never left empty handed! You can send last minute gifts to Dubai, UAE at the click of a button through our mobile application for IPhone and Android. At, we understand that gifting can be a difficult process and we try to make it smooth and easy just for you. Our website is filled with choices, allowing you to pick the perfect birthday gift for your loved ones.

But, what is the perfect gift exactly? Let us help you figure out the answer with the following list of birthday gift ideas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Joyalukkas Gifts

  1. Gift for HER: As the famous quote states, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? There is definitely some truth in that so how about sending your special lady a Gift Card from one of UAE’s major jewelry brand Joyalukkas. Joylukkas Gift Card from is flexible and valid for one year. She can take her sweet time picking the perfect gift.
  1. Gift for HIM: Your man’s birthday is coming up and it’s stressing you out? Completely normal! You are looking for something exceptional, yet can’t define it. Suddenly nothing comes to mind? If so, adventure or better yet activity related gifts are always a safe option. You can end your search right here as we have tons of cool experiences he is sure to love on our platform.

One thing that makes Gift Cards for experiences a perfect gift is that you can enjoy it together. Here are some suggestions to help you.

IFly Gifts

  • Did he always want to go Skydiving but never got the chance? Indoor Skydiving experience in Mirdif City Center is a great alternative. Gift him an iFly Gift Card from Its valid for a year and you can go anytime.
  • Your man misses your yearly skiing trips to the Alps? Ski Dubai Gift Card from Yas Marina can solve this.
  • If he is into fast cars, Austin Martin experience at Yas Marina Circuit is sure to give him adrenaline rush. Don’t think twice and opt for a DriveYas Gift Card from Yas Marina Circuit.
  1. Gift for KIDS: There is far less stress when it comes to choosing gifts for kids, in Dubai especially due to so much variety available. Whether its choosing a cute outfit, favorite toys or activity we got it all. There is definitely something for children of all ages in our online gift cards mall. Our options cover a wide variety of birthday presents Dubai kids will simply love.Babyshop Gifts
    • Mum’s favorite kids clothing store ‘babyshop’ is always a reliable option. When understand that kid shopping can be fun, but instead of choosing an outfit yourself, why not let the mum decide herself. Kids grow fast and she might want to save the shopping spree for later. Our gift vouchers Dubai are valid for one year and that gives mum the flexibility to go whenever she needs. Check out babyshop Gift Card from
    • Looking for a kid store that’s got action figures, dolls, Legos, Barbie’s, outdoor gear for all kind of sports yet also prams, strollers under one roof? Toy Store Dubai is your best bet and the best news is that you can now send a Toy Store Gift Card from straight to Mums phone or inbox! We are psyched about this.
    • Little Explorers GiftsPrefer a gift with an edutainment twist? That’s fine too. Little Explorers Dubai offers the perfect blend of education and entertainment for kids up to 7. Opt for a Little Explorers Gift Card from and don’t forget to add a fun video message to the chosen greeting card to make it more fun!

The time has come when you do not have to worry about gifting for birthdays! lets you send personalized, unique and amazing gifts that your loved ones will love. We even have something for those of you who simply have no clue which brand to choose or for the recipients who are difficult to impress: the eGift card that lets him or her choose which ever brand he wants from our list of options.

The best part? It can all be done at a click of a button and in under 3 minutes, even if you are living abroad!

So, choose us and you will never be disappointed with our gifting experience.

Birthday Gift Ideas Dubai

It’s the Season of Gifting! – Eid Gifts in Dubai

Eid Gifts Dubai
It is true that Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan but it involves so much more than that. It is a time of pure happiness, blessings and self-understanding. This day allows all Muslims to think back on their journey during this blessed month and examine their strengths and weaknesses. It is also a perfect moment to appreciate the strength of your relationship with God. Eid Al-Fitr is also a time of giving and receiving presents.

This day has a lot of importance and is often celebrated by exchanging gifts! Now, you might ask yourself what the perfect Eid gift is… You can stop thinking so hard because at, we have a long list of Eid Gifts in Dubai that are definitely going to make this occasion even more special.

Our range of eGift cards allows you to send your loved ones a token of your appreciation and to feel the spirit of the Eid Al-Fitr in your heart and soul. Who might like to receive a special gift this Eid?

Eid Gifts in Dubai

o   Gifts for Parents: They have made every effort to make each every Iftar dinner abundant and delicious just for you, without forgetting their amazing presence that makes the Holy Month of Ramadan even more blessed.

It’s a great time to show appreciation to your mum for everything she does for you and your siblings with a thoughtful online Gift Card from Liali or Joyalukkas so she can buy the jewelry that she has always wanted.

And… gift for dad, how about an eGift Card from Sun and Sand Sports? This way, he can definitely stay in shape (and in style!). Our online Gift Cards can even be purchased from abroad and you can send Eid Gifts to Dubai living parents.

o   Gifts for Boss and Co-workers: Are you one of the blessed ones who has a strong bond with their boss, colleagues or even better full team? And with Eid coming up you are looking for a small token of appreciation? Remember that it’s a gesture your team will surely appreciate whether big or small and at there is something for everyone.

With a wide range of options that would definitely make them happy, here are a couple of recommendations.

Sophisticated boss or team mate: Gift Voucher from Galeries Lafayette should do the trick.

Co-workers with families: Simple Gift Card from Magic Planet will allow them to spend a lovely family day out with fun and games.

 o   Gifts for relatives: Do you have cousins, uncles or aunts who are also celebrating Eid in Dubai, but you are not around? If so, you can now send an online Gift Card from literally anywhere in the world and the best part is that it will be delivered instantly.

Our top pick is the versatile Club Apparel Gift Card as it allows redeemer to pick from 50 plus retail brands across fashion, accessories and shoes including brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Aldo, Sketchers, Inglot, Dune, Calvin Klein or new balance?

o   Gifts for Dubai-dwelling sons or daughters: If you live far away from your kids, an eGift card is the best way to let them know that you are thinking about them and you miss them this Eid. An online gift card from the Nail Spa will make your daughter look tip top for her Eid Al Fitr lunch and an eGift card from 1847 for your son is definitely going to revitalize and refresh your soon on this special day. So, you don’t have to worry anymore, you can now send Eid gifts to UAE dwellers!

o   Gifts for Best friends: They stand by you at all times, through thick and thin without question, and this gifting season calls for you to send a gift to Dubai pronto!

Whether your friend is an adventure seeker or fashionista we got it all.

You can top our gift cards for experiences with an amount of your choice starting AED 50. We host iFly, Ski Dubai, Yas Marina Circuit Gift Cards and more.

Don’t forget to record a little video or add a timeless image to your Eid Greeting to make it extra special.

We make gifting easy and convenient just for you, and enjoyable for your loved ones. Choose us and let’s celebrate this special day together!

Happy Eid Gifting!
Online Gifts Dubai

Think Outside the “Gift” Box – Online Gifts in Dubai

Do you remember how happy you felt when your son or daughter surprised you with that drawing of the grass, the sun and the clouds for your birthday? Or when your friend made you a video of the greatest moments you both shared? Let’s face it: ‘Do It Yourself’ or better yet ‘DYI’, gifts are simply the ‘IT thing right now. There’s just nothing more personal than a gift, hand-crafted and especially created for a single individual. Here, at, we allow you to be a part of the entire gifting process and, together, we can co-create very unique and special Gift Cards for your friends and family. The personalization and DIY ideas mentioned below will help you find the best varieties of online gifts in Dubai.

Online Gifts Dubai

So, the question remains: how can you go ‘DIY’ with an eGift Card?

We have the answer to that right here! You can send online gifts to Dubai, made and designed by you, for your loved ones.  Believe it or not, there are many ways to do this.

  1. Complement your eGift Card with a “DIY” gift. You might feel that an online gift voucher is a tad formal and impersonal, but still believe its value is grand. Then, what better way to personalize it than by adding an extra gift of your creation? Here are some ideas: a stylish Japanese bowl, a cute polka dotted mug or occasion-specific gift kits! All of these can be made simply and quickly if you follow the instructions found here.
  1. Alternatively, if you decide to give the voucher in print form, you could add a Gift Card holder of your making, customizable for different events. Many different design options exist for card holders. A suit and tie holder might be suitable for dad, a snow globe holder for the kids or a mason jar card holder for mum. You can make these, and many others, easily with the online tutorials, found here.

DIY Gifts Dubai

  1. Don’t be afraid to go all out in the video you can attach to the eGift Card you have chosen! Make a collage with the best pictures of the moments you both shared, add some of the songs that take your mind on a trip down memory lane or add a clip of that funny and unforgettable moment you shared with that special someone. Creating and editing it yourself is definitely going to give that “I did it myself” mood.

Ceecode Gifts Dubai

  1. What if the person receiving the gift is a huge DIY fan? Well, we have something for him too! An online Gift Card from Ace Hardware, purchasable from, is bound to satisfy the DIY fanatic. From sawn wood to painting tools and long lists of hand utensils, this megastore has got it all. Your loved one will be able to bring his projects to life in a fun and exciting way. Our range of brands also includes CeeCode, a creator of chic and fashionable handbags designed in ways that give an overall ‘DIY’ look and feel. Their clutches feature car plate numbers, taxi roof signs or roadside warning signs.

Don’t hesitate when sending online gifts to Dubai DIY enthusiasts because you can now do so with ease! Our platform is incredibly easy to use and features three simple steps that can be completed in three short minutes: choose your brand and amount, add a greeting card for your occasion and the video, message or photo of your choice and finally, decide when and how to send the online gift cards to your loved ones. It’s all about convenience and speed with us.

Making gifts has never been so easy. Let’s co-create, together!

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