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Buying Online Gifts in Dubai vs Traditional Gifting

Gone are those days when people used to go to a shop to buy a gift, wrap it in those fancy papers and go directly to the houses and give away the gift…In today’s busy life, when convenience has taken over all walks of life, sending gifts also takes a new face. Today, technology has changed the meaning of lifestyle especially when it comes to celebrating a special moment in your loved one’s life.

Online Gifts Dubai

In this era of google, where every information is available only a click away, let’s take the advantage of the whole scenario. Online gifting has been one of the blessings happened to our lifestyle, especially in this part of world. Being settled in Middle East, we must have come across many people saying it’s just a Friday that we get, let’s sit and enjoy at home. Yes, exactly, but what do we do if there’s a party coming up or a special day of your family member or a friend. That exactly was the thought that initiated the idea of online platforms to come up with an idea of giving away the gifts online. There are so many benefits of taking it this way.

  1. Convenience – No hassle of going out

Yes, that exactly is the biggest advantage of online gifts (Dubai) while compared to the traditional way of gifting. The gifts are showcased in your living room, just in a click and you are free to choose it at your convenience. Enjoy your holiday at home spending some quality time with your family and loved ones.

  1. Availability – We have it all in one single point.

Two birthdays coming, one is your mother’s and another your friend’s kid’s, this mostly defines you have to go to two different shops, at times two different places as well. Online gifting for the rescue again. We have it all on our page, be it a birthday, anniversary, or just a special where you want to express your feelings to your loved one. It gives an easier selection of gifts without much hassle and most imported is that the whole experience is done from home at your convenience.

  1. We are open 24×7

That’s one of the highlight of the online gifting system, suddenly remembered a birthday or anniversary late at night, just go online and pick one gift and sleep well. There is no such tension of the closing time of the shop, enjoy the whole shopping experience even at the late hours. Going online helps us in saving time during the day and the shopping can be any time you are free and relaxed.

  1. Online Gifting doesn’t stop in UAE.

Got relatives in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar or Bahrain? Sending gifts regionally just got so much easier. Regions favorite brands are also available in these countries and we assure you more surprises are coming your way. Gifting process is exactly the same way as UAE and works across any device.

  1. Save some change from the deals and offers.

Most of the online channels come up with offers and discounted deals mainly because of the absence of the middle men. We might have always witnessed a difference in any product when store bought and purchased online. And the savings is not just from the offers and discounts, but also as the shopping is done from home, no petrol expenses, no parking hassles.

  1. Climate is the biggest shopping enemy in UAE

Dubai is known for being the paradise for shopping, but the climate always plays a spoil spot. During summer, when the temperature is at its peak, who will want to go out to buy a gift, be it for anyone? Online gifting solves the problem and enjoy shopping from home and yes, beating the heat.

  1. No crowded shopping experience.

We might have come across a situation where we have left the shop without buying anything as it was very much crowded. Especially during a festival or any special event, the malls and shops so crowded that the whole scene turns into a chaos. Another head is finding a parking on such a busy day. Why create such a situation when you can shop from home.

  1. Short of ideas on what to buy, go for gift cards

There will be times, when we are stuck with absolutely no idea on thinking what to buy? Or especially when you are unsure of the liking and interest of the person whom you are buying the gift. When you wish to buy something for a gadget lover, but unsure if he/she already owns it, the Gift cards from electronics stores like Sharaf DG or Plug ins are really helpful.

  1.  Shop at peace.

Last but not the least, ‘Shopping at peace’ is very important as no one really influences your shopping. Most of the time we fall victims of the compulsive shopping from the shop keepers or sales person’s pressure and end up buying what we really dint want.

So, let’s all enjoy the whole fun of shopping from home and bring smiles on our loved ones faces all at our convenience. So in general you have a double benefit when you are buying online gifts in Dubai with YouGotaGift. One, the buyer get all the convenience, personalization features, quickness and security to buy online. Second, the receiver is able to easily redeem their gift card and get the gift they really love.

Happy Gifting!
Online Gifts Dubai

Celebrate The Siblings Sacred Bond – Rakhi Gift Ideas in Dubai

India is known for its diverse culture and tradition specially when it comes to celebrating any festival, be it any religion. We, Indians are very much extravagant when it comes to expressing our feelings towards our loved ones. Rakhshabandan or Rakhi is one such festival, which showcases the special bonding between brothers and sisters. Rakhi is celebrated on the Purnima (Full moon day) in the month of Shravana. On the special day sister ties a sacred thread on her brother’s hand and the custom is followed by Pooja and the brother is obliged to take a vow to protect the sister. In short, Rakhabandhan is a special way of expressing brother’s duty of protecting his sister as Raksha implies Protection and Bandhan implies bond.

Raksha Bandhan Gifts

In India, this day is celebrated with lots of fun and excitement. But destiny has taken some of us to a new land UAE, where we Indians try hard to plant our culture and tradition in our homes. Same is the case during any festival, where half of the family is in India and the remaining in Dubai, UAE. But in this generation, where technology has taken its turn to connect two poles of the world, exchange of love and gifts across the countries has become much easier.

Across the years we have seen that almost all Indian festivals are celebrated in UAE with the same excitement and joy be it Diwali, Holi or Rakhi. As mentioned, yes a strong effort to keep our culture and tradition alive in this part of the world. And when it comes to the important part of the Rakhi day, it’s the gift shared by the brother to his sister to show his love and affection towards her. Now, what to buy for her to bring a broad wide smile on her face is a big question? The answer depends on factors like her age, interest etc

We have got many offers and deals for the special day in making your loved one’s day even more special. To make things easier, let’s categorize it age wise.

For the cute little Sisters/ Cousins

  1. babyshop Gift CardBabyshop – Is the sister a new born or an infant, well it’s the parents job to include the little ones also part of the tradition. What better option will u have than pampering the little bundle of joy with some gifts from the Baby Shop. Or is it a little angel cousin who has tied Rakhi for the big brother? Grab a Baby Shop Gift card online to gift to the beautiful doll. This eGift Card can help towards a snug sleeping bag or a super-hero baby-grow. Alternatively, cots, pushchairs, and nursery equipment are also up for grabs. Toys range from the cuddly and colourful to more high-tech and engaging gadgets, while bottles, first beds, and swanky outfits are available for those moving on from the toddle. This store has everything that parents could possibly need for their children, from baby items to clothes for young adults.


  1. Toys R Us Gift CardToys R Us – A perfect gift to your little sister if she’s the one who loves being in the fancy world with Barbie and toys. Toys “R” Us is one of the top toy stores and it exists in sixteen locations in the Middle East and North African region. It would be like heaven to any child you gave it to, because they would have over 8,500 toys to choose from, ranging from educational items and electronics, to different types of software and the latest games on the market. The hottest new arrivals are also available from a range of exclusive brands such as Disney, Hello Kitty, Play Doh, Edu Science, Transformers, and much more! For over sixteen years, Toys “R” Us Gift Card has been a favorite for kids and adults as it has a wide range of fun and educational toys to choose from.

For the young beautiful Sisters/Cousins

  1. Splash Gift CardSplash Fashions – Well, what else can you think of for your teenager sister who is a fashion freak and loves to shop. You can’t go wrong with a Splash eGift Card endorsed by none other than Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan! Splash offers trendy fashion & accessories for men, women and teens. It’s the perfect eGift Card for your stylish loved ones! Splash Fashions has a range of clothing which are suitable for work, home, or just a regular day out. For women, there are a range of Formal Shirts, jumpers, blazers, cardigans, as well as dresses and skirts. Nothing spells chic and smart casual like Splash Fashions. The Splash Fashion kids store offers stylish clothing for juniors and would make it an ideal gift for a baby shower or for your trendy friends who like to dress their kids in the hottest fashions!
  1. The Nail Spa DubaiNail Spa – Pamper your beautiful sister with some ‘Self time’, Make her feel special with a gift card from Nail Spa. From manicures and pedicures, to waxing, threading, facials and several treatments, this place is a girl’s best friend. Complete pampering is available with treatment packages including, Nail Necessities, So Smooth waxing and threading, Therapeutic Treats, Facials in a Flash, Let’s Go Lashes, and Minx nail decals. The Nail Spa is up-to-date with all the latest beauty secrets, especially in the celebrity world, which is why they offer A-list skin care products such as Heaven by Deborah Mitchell and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. For those who are super busy and can’t make it into the salon, The Nail Spa offers services that will come to your home or office. The Nail Spa also offers fun party packages for those ‘girls night out’, bridal showers, baby showers and more!


  1. Wojooh eGift CardWojooh Cosmetics and Perfumes – For the trendy, gorgeous beauty conscious ladies out there, clutch this one as the best gift on this special occasion to show what they mean to you. With the latest in makeup, fragrance, skin care and hair, we have everything to fulfil her beauty needs. Whether she’s simply looking for a new foundation, or to experiment with a complete makeover, our Wojooh Beauty Experts are always on hand to offer her the latest in tips and tricks for the perfect look.


  1. Aldo Apparel GiftAldo Apparel gift card – Got a sister who is fanatic about trendy foot wear? We have got Aldo Apparel gift card for her. ALDO is an International brand that specializes in the creation of on-trend fashion footwear and accessories for stylish, young women and men. The collection has fashionable inspiration taken from the numerous trends found around the world, giving consumers a global perspective on fashion.


  1. Lifestyle Gifts DubaiLifestyle Gift card – A Multi Brand store with a presence of 200 stores offering the widest range of Beauty & Fashion – Make up, Bath and Body, Teen Accessories, Fashion Bags & accessories. Also available are the exclusive spread of Home Décor, Bath Decor, Wall Décor, Chandeliers, Home Fragrance and Furnishings, Bedding and Towel brands

For the sister who loves Gold & Diamond

  1. Joyalukkas Gift CardJoy Alukkas Gold – It’s a well-known fact that Diamonds are girl’s best friends. So why not make your sister happy with it. Make her day with one of the best jewelers in world. Be it Polki, Diamonds, Pearls, Gold and other precious collections; find everything you’re looking for at the best rates and best quality. So surprise someone, make someone smile today with a priceless gift from Joyalukkas. You can even customize your gift message to make it something special with personal touch.


  1. Malabar Gift CardMalabar Gold and Diamonds – Are you always bullied by your sister that you don’t love her? Most of the sisters do that. Well, give her a reply to it this time. Choose from an exquisite range of breathtaking creations from Malabar Gold and diamonds and make your special ones feel more special. Each product in our stores are a work of art, befitting the elegant perception of a connoisseur – adornments that accentuate grace, in tune with the aesthetic sense and attitude of today’s woman.

We have just mentioned few options for the Rakhi gifts in Dubai where as there is lot more on our website to bring a wide smile on your sister’s face. Grab them and make her day. After all there is no friend like a sister.

Rakhi Gifts Dubai

7 Great Experiences as Birthday Gifts in Dubai

Dubai is at the forefront of the global experience curve. It’s a leader in the latest, most innovative and advance entertainment. From extreme sports to beautiful sights Dubai has the whole spectrum covered and each and every one of them are the perfect birthday gift. We were researching about the best experiences one can give as birthday gifts in Dubai and below are the gift ideas we came up with:

Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome Gifts

When there aren’t National races happening on the track you can drive anything from McLaren’s to Ferraris and Audis. Their Single Seater Experience is the ultimate race car driver introduction and their powerfully small Volkswagen’s are just the right machine for the Easy Drift Experience.

Arabian Adventures

Arabian Adventures Gifts


With all the things that go on in Dubai, so much of the Emirate’s land is untouched. Arabian Adventures is the transporter to that land. They give us a taste of the original grain of the region providing a tour there and a traditional campfire dinner in a giant ‘majlish’ tent.

Top Chef

Top Chef Gifts

As far as experience go Top Chef provides a truly unique one. The cooking studio teaches classes for truly tasteful dishes. Their culinary functions and fun parties are perfect for any birthday event. Alternatively, a class for two is personal & thoughtful and just the right thing for someone who might take interest.


iFly Gifts

iFly Dubai provides an experience of free fall without having to jump out of  a plane! Their state of the art wind tunnel gives the experience of human body flight. Regular iFly-ers compare the experience to base-jumping, bungee jumping, free falling, and of course sky diving. It can accommodate families and is suitable for all ages making it one the best birthday gifts Dubai experiences on the list.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai Gifts

As far as indoor ski slopes go, Ski Dxb is the first of its kind. Housed in one of the biggest malls in the world, Ski Dxb has the world’s first indoor black run and the world’s largest indoor snow park. You can also try a toboggan and sled runs, scale the climbing tower, and head inside the ice cave. With all this and more, Ski Dxb is a birthday experience that any one would enjoy.

Surf House

Surf House Gifts

Surf House Dubai is one of the only places in the region that specialize in surfing equipment. They do lessons at great rates and also have paddle boarding as well as kayaking. Give an active experience eGift Card this birthday and see the great response you receive.

Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga Gifts

Zen Yoga is an internationally certified yoga studio with dedicated instructors and state of the art facilities. As Dubai’s most popular yoga brand, their classes range from workshops, indoor & outdoor teacher trainings, pre & postnatal classes, booty barre, matte pilates, machine pilates and much more. As far as birthday experiences go this may just be the one to eGift this occasion. is a perfect place if you are in search of unique and interesting gift ideas in Dubai. With our Birthday gift cards, you can avoid the unwanted gifts that is received by the birthday boys and girls. We made the choice of gifts (Dubai) easy, convenient, digital, instant and secure with personalization features.

Happy Birthday Gifting!

Birthday Gifts Dubai

A New Digital Way Of Giving Corporate Gifts in Dubai

Corporate Gifting, rewards for your employee, and business gifts to your customers has long been a way to promote your company.  Miscellaneous items such as branded pens, notebooks and mugs are just a few of the redundant gifts you could expect as an outstanding employee or loyal customer. These physical, unwanted gifts are becoming redundant and the smart gifters are moving to digital. Employee Rewards Dubai

Our corporate gifts are digital, which means they’re easy to move around. So rather than individually handing out your brand own 5000 pens at the end of the fiscal year that no one will ever make use of, we have a solution. We cut distribution costs, and our delivery is instant. Those same 5000 employee can receive instant gratification at the click of a button.

Our eGift Cards give access to our online mall containing a vast range of a brands and retailers. These brands can be personalized, and show gratification to the people you are targeting. We have high-end retailers for that client you are trying to impress, great experiences for the customers you are trying to attract, and also close-to-cash cards for your blue-collar employee who needs everyday goods. Our digital gifting solutions will be very easy, convenient and useful for all the companies who are looking for corporate gifts in Dubai. Mall Of The Emirates Gift Card Above all this, our most popular gift cards, our generic card, the card allows a receiver to choose anything they want. The Mall Of the Emirates & City Center gift cards will help companies to reward their employees, business partners and customers with the choices of all popular bands. With we have a wide selection of brands including major jewelry retailers, cosmetic & fragrance stores, and shopping malls. We also cater to foodies, fashionistas, movie gooers, music lovers and extreme sports & outdoor activities. With all these options, you can be sure the person receiving the gift will get a chance to choose what they real want helping you achieve what you want while keeping the mood and avoid disappointment.

Benefits of Digital Gifting in the Corporate World:

  • Flexible delivery with choice to print at office or opt for digital delivery using email or SMS
  • Gift Cards from 80+ popular brands across all major retail verticals including supermarkets, malls, fashion, electronics, well being, dining and more.
  • Instant gratification. No waiting for shipment to arrive by post. eGift Cards are sent within seconds digitally.
  • Easy redemption. eGift Codes are saved in the eWallet on our app for instant access or redeemable by showing the eGift Code in the email.
  • No set-up fees. No minimum order or commitment. Our gifting solution is absolutely free.
  • And finally gift receivers can choose the gift of their choice.

Corporate Gifts Dubai

5 Lovely & Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas in Dubai

Are you in search of lovely and unique mothers day gift ideas in Dubai? Here are 5 ways to show Mum your grateful with this Mothers Day.

Mother’s dedicate their lives to their children. Bearing through responsibility and pain with unconditional love. Showing your gratitude for all of mother’s hard work with an eGift Card for some down time is the best way to go. Picking from our range of fragrances, cosmetics, day spas, yoga wellness centers can be hard that’s why we have our generic But if you want to make things a bit more personal and you feel up for the challenge then here are some ideas you could go with.

Mothers Day Gifts Dubai


The Nail Spa DubaiThe Nail Spa
Some of our wonderful mothers may have the time for self-grooming with all the other things that require their attention. That’s why a gift to the Nail Spa is a convenient way to give them a chance.


Swarovski DubaiSwarovski
With all the things mothers have done for us in life why not show appreciation with a big purchase brand like Swarovski. A luxury gift card to this jeweler will make sure she chooses exactly what she wants.


Dreamsworks Spa DubaiDreamworks
Dreamworks Spa are our new favorite place to be. With indoor facilities, an outdoor pool, and range of experiences to choose from, Dreamworks is a wonderful place for Mum to get some time.


Musafir Flights & Hotels
Sometimes mothers just want to get away from it all that’s understandable. Why not facilitate a weekend away with an eGift Card for flights & hotels and let them choose their own destination.


Loccictane DubaiL’occitane En Provence
This retailer sells some fantastic fragrances and beauty products. As a mother, there is not always enough time (or maybe reason) to get dolled up in a day. Give mother that youthful feeling again and with some fantastic beauty products from L’occitane en Provence this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s know us best but that reverse is not always the case. No matter what you get them they’ll pretend to be happy! Make sure you don’t make the mistake of getting another monotonous, boring, unwanted gift this Mother’s Day and really make a mother smile., as always, has the personalization factor with the added benefit of choice. You can’t go wrong. Send Mothers Day gifts to Dubai, UAE at your ease and convenience with the secured online payment system of

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Gifts Dubai – A Leading Business & Employee Rewards Program

Online Gift has successfully transformed itself into a multi-channel, digital rewards company. Starting out as a simple e-commerce platform for family and friends to send and receive eGift Cards, 2015 saw major expansions in corporate business. is now a leader in business & employee rewards program in Dubai, UAE.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Earlier this year, signed a landmark deal with UAE’s biggest telecommunication and service provider to power it’s Rewards program. As a solution provider, is delivering a very convenient and instant way for Etisalat customers to redeem their points into popular eVouchers for top retailers in the UAE.


Traditionally, many loyalty rewards shops offered merchandise and gift certificates, which are less attractive to customers and create a logistical challenge for loyalty companies to fulfill. With the advances in technology, eVouchers are changing the way people redeem gifts for loyalty programs. No longer falling for obsolete items, with customers can decide exactly what they want and have a year to do so from vastly more options.

In the loyalty business, customer engagement is a true measure of a successful program. By offering a healthy earn & burn program, choice of effective and attractive rewards, with instant gratification, loyalty programs will achieve high customer engagement and ultimately high program redemptions.
Emirates NBD

The success of the solution has seen other industries adopt it including airlines (Etihad) and banks (Emirates NBD), tailoring to companies who know the importance of recognizing their customers. has now proven itself to be the perfect solution through its convenience and flexibility while sustaining a round the clock, instant delivery service on mass redemptions.

Business & Employee Rewards Programs

In today’s competitive market, companies are constantly looking for new, cost effective and innovative ways to incentivize and recognize their employees.

Our Business solution allows HR professionals and business managers to instantly reward, motivate and show appreciation to employees, customers and business partners by sending prepaid eGift Cards from leading brands.

OMD YouGotaGift.comOur eGift Cards can be co-branded with your company logo, personalized with greeting cards and messages, and delivered by Email, SMS or simply printed in the office. With no set up fees or minimum orders, you can now reward on the go from more than 100 top retail brands across categories including malls, electronics, fashion, entertainment, beauty, wellness and more! provides an instant service on all orders making bulk delivery exponentially easier to manage. With the wide array of brands to choose from, businesses are moving away from gifting physically and holding on to unused inventory. Our solution offers businesses the choice to gift-on-demand as and when needed. also allows firms to personalize their gifts and so specify reason for the reward.  Our forward thinking, digital space also means being more environmentally friendly and having corporate social responsibility.

Aramex YouGotaGift.comOver 100 employers, such as OMD and Aramex, trust and rely on our digital rewards solution to reward its employees. Companies like TNS and Ipsos are constantly and personally recognizing their customers. Rather than the brash use of cash, our vast catalogue of eGift Cards are individualized yet still keep the near-cash freedom.

As we follow our mission of becoming a leading digital Gift Card distribution company in the Middle East, delivering best in class choice of rewards, customer experience and technology, we encourage you to take part and as always we thank you for your support.

Corporate Gifts Dubai

Unconventional & Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas in Dubai

Anniversaries give us yet another reason to celebrate! It’s that time of the year where we reflect on all the history shared with our partners and focus only on the good.  Anniversaries make us nostalgic in many ways as we reminisce how we first met, our wedding way, first kid, basically all the milestones shared.

A collective agreement should be that Anniversary is about you and your love. Not your kids, not your friends, or family but just the two of you. In short, and simply put, anniversary is a celebration of your best (and often worst) times. So choosing anniversary gifts for her and for him should be the best of all choices.

As always, is here to the rescue. Here is a list of non-conventional anniversary gift ideas in Dubai, UAE for your loved for your Anniversary Day.

VOX Cinema
There’s nothing more authentic than an outing to a romantic, funny or scary movie in one of the awesome cinema’s Dubai and surrounding states have to offer.

Movie Gift Dubai


Dreamworks Spa
Who doesn’t adore a Spa Day! It’s a great way to escape the stresses of home & work life and find some serenity even if only just for a while. Best of all! Go together for a couples massage.

Dreamsworks Spa Dubai

Top Chef/Mint Leaf

Taking a cookery class with Dubai’s best chefs is a romantic and fun way to spend your Anniversary. Top Chef Cooking Studio offers a wide range of tailor-made cooking classes as well as private culinary functions. If you prefer to be served than choose from our wide range of restaurants for a romantic night of wining and dining. Mint Leaf of London, a modern award winning Indian restaurant.

Cooking Gift Dubai


Agent Provocateur
Making that special lady in your life feel sexy on your Anniversary is key. This brand is one of the most well known in the world of lingerie. The collection includes bridal nightwear, lingerie, wedding gifts, swimwear, and even exclusive accessories. Let your loved one choose something she’ll like and you’ll both enjoy.

Luxury Gifts Dubai
Get out of the home and change the scenery with Surprise your loved one with a special getaway to a destination weekend. Or choose from one of Musafir’s top hotels to stay in for a secluded evening or weekend.

Experience Gifts Dubai


Ski Dubai
No time for a skiing trip this year? Ski Dubai Gifts are the next best alternative. Take up a discovery course in snowboarding or skiing together. If you don’t have the time to go somewhere different why not have a fun day on a state of the art ski slope with Ski Dxb!

Ski Dubai Gift

Choosing a gift that your loved one will definitely like is always challenging and making a mistake can really put a damper on the special day. We provide you with a range of choice to satisfy anyone’s needs and wants. Including foodies, fashionistas, movie gooers, music lovers and extreme sports & outdoor activities. You can find a variety of choices at to send the best wedding anniversary gifts to surprise your better half.

Once your loved one receives their eGift Card digitally wherever they are they can choose to buy something with it immediately or alternatively hold on to it until they see something they like. We provide them with plenty of freedom and they have up to one year to redeem their eGift. What’s better is you can either choose one of our brands or our generic gift card that allows you to choose from any single one of our retailers. Our eGift Cards are send instantly and digitally making receiving and redeeming as simple as it can be. Finding anniversary gifts in Dubai has never been easier with our 75+ brand choices. Be sure to use our fun gift personalization feature to surprise your loved ones with your hearty expressions!

Happy Anniversary!Anniversary Gifts Dubai

Online Birthday Gift Ideas in Dubai

If you are planning to send Birthday Gifts to Dubai this Winter Time look no further. We have got some online birthday gift ideas for him and her. If you’re living in the Middle East you know first hand about our climate, the unbearable heat and the summer suffering.  However, you would also know that the winter climates are perfect for outdoor activities. Birthdays are common in the winter months and sending birthday gifts to Dubai can be an arduous task. Luckily, the stars have aligned, much like & the winter months, to bring you some fun online birthday gift ideas. But it gets better, not only does the winter bring bearable weather, but also new years resolutions, new beginnings, and the hopes of change.

How YouGotaGift is getting out and active this winter time:

  • Zen Yoga

One of our favorite brands, Zen Yoga, are making the most of the cool winter weather by Yoga Gifts Dubaioffering outdoor yoga in the Marina. As well as their Ashtanga, Booty Barre, and Dynamic Vinyasa classes, Zen Yoga has indoor classes for beginners and experts. Maybe you have a friend who’s considering yoga but hasn’t taken that step. Or you don’t know if a loved one would be up for it? offers such a beautiful solution. Our eGift Cards gives them the choice as to when to redeem it and what to choose with it. Help them take that step to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

  • Surf House Dubai

Another great activity in the winter months is surfing. Link up with Surf House Dubai for some surfboards, paddleboards, and surfing lessons. The views of the ocean and Dubai skyline at dawn and dusk cannot be replicated.

  • Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai GiftsWhy don’t you truly embrace the winter period with a group trip to the famous and innovative indoor slope in Ski Dubai? Do some sleighing, meet the penguins, sit in the ice café, or hit the slopes. With the lovely weather outside and the state of the art facilities inside it’s the best of both worlds!

  • Dubai Autodrome

For all the petrol heads, Go Karting at the Autodrome is always a lot of fun and perfect at this Autodrome Gifts Dubaitime of year.  This is the perfect gift for all ages and for all the outdoorsy behavior, Columbia provides great gear.

  • Go Sport

Wintertime is an outdoorsy time in Dubai, a time for midday activities that won’t result in a heat stroke!! An eGift Card to Go Sport can fulfill anyone’s sporting needs from running shoes to kayaks! Give a friend the tools to choose the best sports gear and equipment from international, reputable brands!

  • (flights/hotels)

If none of this appeals to you maybe your friend needs a gift card for a holiday out of this town! provides great deals on both flights and hotels so surprise a friend with a trip today. We hope you have an awesome Dubai winter and make the most of the wonderful weather. This list of our favorite brands should assist in your birthday gift decision-making! Don’t forget, there is no better way to send online birthday gifts to Dubai for kids and children this wintertime than with We have a wide variety of options for you to select the best Birthday Gifts in Dubai. You can browse though the popular brands and send it very easily by personalizing with video and images. Happy gifting! Birthday Gifts Dubai

10 Valentine Gift Ideas in Dubai

The “Cupid Effect” hits us all on Valentine’s Day. One could say that love should always be celebrated and not just one day in a year. But we at see Valentine’s Day as just another day to give and receive great gifts from those we care about the most, our better halves.

The same old monotonous – or better yet ‘cliché’ – idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for him and her is to send those 100 red roses or simply her favorite bouquet of flowers accompanied by chocolates. But today that’s just become redundant.

We understand that finding Valentine gifts in Dubai, UAE is one of the hardest to get right and if you’re spending a lot of money you definitely don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking what they might want. That’s what makes our Gifting platform unique; surprise your loved one with the Gift of Choice and let them choose something they really want.

Valentine Gifts Dubai

In light of this, has made a list of 10 Valentine’s gift ideas that work in several situations.

1. Blossom a budding romance

Surprise them with a short getaway of her Choice. Let them decide with one of our Travel eGift Cards eg; Musafir.

2. Show your interest

Use our gift cards personalization feature for a cute little gesture. Record a video with a heart-felt message with their favorite song in the background. It’s the thought that counts! Big points here. Shows you pay attention.

3. Tell her she’s worth it

Marilyn Monroe uncovered a little secret in 1953 with a hit song ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’. You can’t go wrong with a Swarovski eGift Card from

4. Renew that redundant relationship

No more bland bonds! is on a campaign against bland bonds. Bring out that zest from any one of our ‘experiences’ eGift Card.

Take a culinary class together, go skiing if you miss snow. There are plenty of activity choices on our platform. Have her be the one to choose.

5. Stress eating up your relationship?

Nothing beats a Spa experience, and even better if you can enjoy some down time together. Give the Gift of relaxation. Have them choose from many of our Spa gift cards.

6. Rekindle a long distance relationship

Pick an eGift Card and add a personal touch with a photo feature. Why not attached a picture of your first date, or first trip together. Reminisce the great time spent together.

7. Take that Facebook fling to the next level

Your next message could be a surprise eGift Card offering a plethora of choice. Best part is they can choose what they really want.

8. Too busy to celebrate special occasions?

Again our personalization feature will make it easy for you and can make you look good! Record a 30” video or attach a memorable picture. It will quickly look like you put an effort into this gift.

9. Relationship in need of some fun?

Start a new hobby together. Send an eGift Card from Zen Yoga and take up yoga classes together.

10. Are you a true power couple?

Really live it to the max with an Autodrome session

With our 75+ leading brands, you can easily select the best Gift of Choice for your loved one. A variety of gift cards are available, ranging from fashion, beauty, sports, food, home ware, entertainment and electronics. We are the best option to avoid unwanted gifts when you send gifts for your loved ones!

Happy Valentines Day!

YouGotaGift Valentine Gift Card Dubai

Sending Christmas Gifts to Dubai Made Easy – A Personal Account

We at pride ourselves on our feedback. We take everyone’s opinion into account and reviews are always welcomed. When we asked one of our long-time UK based customers to write a personal account of their overseas gifting experience this is what we received;

Where does one start when it comes to Christmas gift ideas and especially sending Christmas gifts to Dubai?
Another year has passed and another year of conjecture is upon us. What might make my family and friends smile on Christmas Day. So many gifts given with responses of insincerity and extended “thaank you’s”. It’s a polite reflex but it would be nice just once to actually give them something they could be happy with, and moreover, utilize! I mean, the majority of Christmas gifts can’t even be found in the house by the month of March. That’s what prompted me into the mission of avoiding unwanted gifts. And that’s when I began to look into gift cards, a phenomenon in the gifting world, on that has taken the gifting world by storm. A sweet, heartfelt gift that allows you to let your loved ones choose something they really want without putting a crinkled note in an impersonal envelope. What made it so, is the way I could add a video, photo and message. They’re also sent easily and free, which makes it a perfect Christmas gift to send to the UAE from abroad.

Christmas Gifts Dubai

Let’s face it; the stores are always jam packed in the run up to Christmas. Work is off and so are the schools for those vastly long Christmas holidays we all miss. The roads become carnage as the advent of this very merry public holiday approaches. Parking is a near impossibility and when you eventually do find a space it’s always in the furthest row away. As you begin the long trek toward the store entrance, you turn back to measure what seems like a lengthy abyss between yourself and the car, wondering how exactly you’ll haul back these giant purchases you proceed to painstakingly pick. Once you do finally make it into the store expect to be mobbed by a crowd of eager shoppers rushing for the best items.

This may seem a rather solemn sketch during Santa Claus season. However, when you transfer this infinite freedom of choice to the person receiving a gift the whole script changes. It goes from a shot in the dark to an enjoyable experience. also lets you keep it personal not only with videos, pictures and message but also by maybe for once choosing something that they might like. I personalized my gift by opting to sing a Christmas jingle in a hilarious video.

Last year I slickly avoided sending an unwanted gift. A friend of mine has been a bike rider for the past few years, a fantastic hobby. I can’t ride a bike, so I didn’t know if he needed a new helmet, a pump for his tire, or a new bike all together. So I opted for an eGift Card for some merchandise for Ride Bike Shop. Turns out he needed a lock for his shiny new Cannondale. The eGift Card made him light up with joy and he even waited ‘til the sales to get another item too. I loved the experience! I made his Christmas and made it past an unwanted gift; without searching for a gift, without probing him as to what he might want, I mean I did it without leaving the house! “

–  David Brent, London.

At, we provide a great service for people abroad with a range of retailers. Sending Christmas gifts for him and her are made so much simpler when made digital. We thank David for his personal account and we look forward to more people enjoying the same experience. Have a try and see how you experience the Christmas gifting with us.

YouGotaGift Christmas Gift Card