Crazy for S*UCE Gifts Kawaii Collection!

Price Range: AED 290 – AED 4,625

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S*UCE Gifts has released a Kawaii clothing and accessory collection that is fun and ideal for those with an adventurous taste! 

You may not be familiar with the Japanese term ‘Kawaii,’ which means “lovable”, “cute” or “adorable,” but it’s a trend that has taken over Japan’s pop culture, food, clothing and toys, and often involves lots of animated figurines, bows, frills and even appetizing plastic food.

If you’re still a bit confused, the pieces in this collection will surely give you a taste of this popular trend, from bold head pieces, colourful jewellery and animated clothing! This is not your average fashion line, it’s packed with lots of bold colors and personality!

You’re bound to find the perfect gift for those who like to live on the wild side!

The Good Practice Panda Bag; AED 1,330

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This adorable panda bag is sure to add life to any outfit with its animated design. This hip look is certainly not for the timid!

The Good Practice Arizona Green Tea Clutch; AED 1,335

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At first glance these look like real soda cans, but they are actually clutches! This is great for those outings when you don’t want to carry a huge a purse. This one-of- a-kind clutch is sure to be a hot conversation piece amongst friends and family!

Timbee Loo Embellished Glasses; AED 755

timbee loo embellised glasses AED 755These retro glasses are the definition of Kawaii with the cute embellishments, flowers and bows in the top left corner!

Toy Syndrome Cropped Butterfly Shirt; AED 290

Toy Syndrome cropped butterfly shirt AED 290This simplistic yet artistic shirt is beautifully lined at the collar with blue, green and red butterflies. Perfect to pair with a skirt for a fun night out!

Tu es Mon Tresor Bijou Jeans; AED 4,625

tu es mon tresor bijou jeans AED 4625If you’re sick of the usual “plane jane” jeans, these Bijou Jeans are a great alternative with large pearls covering the front side. Pair this with a cute top and heels and you’re set!

Chiara Ferragni Lipstick Shoes; AED 1,010

Chiara Ferragni lipstick shoes AED 1010These quirky flats are sure to make a statement with the bold red lips and lipstick. Who knew that cosmetics could look so good on footwear?!

Venna Crystal Chain Necklace; AED 2,710

sauce gifts venna crystal chain necklace AED 2710This necklace has “rockstar” written all over it! The perfect accessory to add some pizazz to a simple outfit!

Push Button Popsicle Dress; AED 3,555

Push Button popsicle dress AED 3555This dress brings back some nostalgic memories of those hot summer days when I would run after the ice cream truck to buy a nice cold popsicle! Now, it can be worn with this comfy summer dress!

Caia Gold Lips Bracelet; AED 650

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These lip bracelets are hip and sure to add an edge to any outfit!

Bernstock Speirs Bunny Ear Hat; AED 390

bernstock speirs bunny ear hat AED 390Why should bunny ears only be worn on Halloween? This fun baseball cap is ideal for those who like to have fun, no matter the time of year!

Sauce Gift Card

Alternatively, you can gift a S*UCE Gifts eGift Card instead and let the gift receiver pick what they want! This store carries a wide selection of unique items that is sure not to disappoint.

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