Dislike shopping for others? Send an eGift Card instead!

women tired of shopping

Dislike shopping? Hate getting stuck in traffic? Not sure what to gift your loved ones on special occasions? We totally feel you! StoryPick lists down top things you will relate to if you hate shopping altogether.

1. You cannot bear the crowded malls or the market place


2. You find people doing unnecessary shopping a complete waste of time and money


3. You absolutely dislike window shopping


4. Finding parking spaces while shopping on weekends give you headaches


5. You hate the process of going into trial rooms (which are tiny and crowded again)


6. In the rare occasion that you are forced to shop, you have that one store that you blindly enter


7. Choosing something out of a zillion things makes you feel dizzy


8. And when you choose something and don’t find the correct size, you are like


9. You have zero patience to stand in mile long queues to pay bills


10.  You would rather go for online shopping


Option 10 sounds great, doesn’t it? 😉 So why go through all the hassles of shopping for a gift when you have YouGotaGift.com as your online mall for gift cards. Choose from a variety of popular stores and simply send your loved ones eGift Cards instantly which they will truly love.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, Christmas, house-warming or simply want to surprise that special someone in your life, You Got a Gift is here to make gifting easy! No more long lineups or crowded malls—you’re welcome!

Happy Gifting 🙂

Source:  StoryPick

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