Gift IdeasWhat if you could give the ultimate, most unique and personalized gift out there? For many gifters, that is the dream and today’s blog looks at different ways to achieve this. More specifically, we will be telling you how you could take your selected gift card to the next level by adding to it an easy, memorable do-it-yourself physical gift. You may be thinking that this is a time consuming task, but we have selected 5 simple DIY gift ideas that your loved ones are simply going to adore receiving and that you are going to love making. Let the fun begin!

Gift card in matchboxOur first DIY idea to accompany your gift card involves a matchbox, some felt pens, cutouts and a creative little message. All you have to do is take the matchbox, decorate it as you please with the pens or cutouts and then add a surprise message for when the receiver opens the box! That way, not only will they find the gift card printed inside, but also a heartfelt message from you to them. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild for this!

Our second DIY idea is to place the printed eGift card of your choice inside a mason jar. While that may sound too easy, what we suggest is to also add a photo of your loved one and yourself on the inside of the jar’s lid. This will pleasantly surprise them when they open the jar to get the gift card. You may also decorate the jar as you please with ribbons, drawings or more photos!

DIY Gifts UAEYour close friend of family member would appreciate a gift that holds memories; that is why photos are always great for DIY gifts. This time in our third DIY idea, we suggest you make use of those popsicle sticks that you always throw out. Stick them together to create a background frame and then, glue a collection of photos to it. Make sure the photos you select show the memories you both shared in the past.

DIY gifts in dubaiWe have many gifting categories and many gift card options in each. One of these categories involves all things beauty and wellness! Our fourth DIY gifting idea is all about that. Indeed, we suggest you make your loved one their very own body scrub made from sugar, coconut oil and lemon and lavender essential oils. It’s simple: mix the coconut oil and the sugar, then add the oils. Such a gift goes perfectly well with any of our spa gift cards as it allows your loved one to continue relaxing from the comfort of their homes.

DIY Gift CardsOne of the greatest thing about gift cards is that there are so many ways to present them to the receivers, which brings us to our final fifth DIY idea for your search for gifts in Dubai. For example, you can create food-shaped cutouts for the food related gift cards you select: a coffee cup for a Jones the Grocer gift card is an idea. You can make a t-shirt shaped cutout for any shopping gift cards, or a graduation cap cutout for the happy graduate. The possibilities are endless. Not only are they easy and fun to create, receivers will also never want to throw them away.

There you have it: a collection of 5 DIY gifts to accompany your gift card selection. Keep in mind this can be done with any of our vouchers and in any country available on our website. Arts and crafts are the new must for all gifts (UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, etc…).

They are easy to make but very difficult to forget, allowing you to create a lasting impact on your loved one.

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