Gift for Gamers: The New Sony PlayStation Vita (slim)

Retail Price: AED 1,299

PlayStation Vita (slim)

The new Sony PlayStation Vita (slim) is the ultimate gift for gamers, especially for those who are always on the go! According to Stuff Middle East Magazine, unlike the original Vita model, the new design is 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter, making it easy to pop into a purse, backpack or pocket! 

In comparison to Nintendo’s 3D handheld devices, the PlayStation Vita (slim) is much more powerful, as it has a quad-core processor, while Nintendo has a single/dual core.

The device offers a beautiful display that is 5-inches diagonally with a resolution of 960 x 544 pixels, which offers a great experience for some serious gaming with dual control sticks.

This new model also has a longer battery life in contrast to the original Sony PlayStation Vita model. Gamers can now enjoy four to six hours, in comparison to the three to five hour life the original model offers. The device has an internal memory of 1GB.

This hand-held console can be found at any Virgin Megastore location in the UAE.

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