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Gifts that Prepare for the Next Stages of Life – Graduation Gifts in Dubai

Graduation Gifts DubaiGraduation is an important part of our lives. It is the end of a beautiful chapter of our lifetime, in which we learn the things that will stand by us for the rest of our days, and when we learn to be the best version of ourselves. However, this chapter ends just so we can start a new one. For those finishing from high school, graduation is the point at which they enter college. For others finishing university, graduation is the point of entry into the workplace. In either situation, we believe the best gift is the one that prepares for the next stages of life. Luckily, that is exactly what we have on offer. The below is a list of graduation gift ideas in Dubai that will prepare your loved one for either college, or for work.

First, let’s talk about some gifts that prep them for college. It’s an entirely new world, and so, the graduate will need an entirely new set of things, including new gadgets. The best way for them to get these is with an eGift card from IStyle with which they can get the latest phones and computers from one of the best brands in the world, Apple!

University also calls for a new wardrobe, and the Qanz eGift Card is great for that purpose because it allows receivers to upgrade their closets with apparel from stores such as Zara, Bershka, Old Navy and Mango! This is an especially attractive card if you are looking for graduation gifts for her.

College is all about gaining independence and trying out new experiences. That is why it is important for young graduates to learn how to cook, for example! You can help them do so by offering them the Top Chef eGift Card with which they can take a culinary master class. Also, you can encourage these youngsters to try out something new with their friends, by gifting them the Dubai Autodrome or the Ski Dubai gift cards, as these two are truly one of a kind experiences. This category of gifts is suitable for girls, but also make great graduation gifts for him!

Now, let’s move our discussion to gifts that prepare for work. These graduates are going from having holidays every month to having a few days off each year. You can help them take full advantage of their holidays with the eGift Card with which they can book hotels, flights and activities in many countries around the world.

This new chapter of their lives also requires them to upgrade their technology! Sharaf DG is the best store to do so because they offer the best brands of tech at the best prices. Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

More importantly, starting a new job requires the graduate to make a lasting first impression. Yes! That means they need to dress to impress, and we know just how you can help them do that. That is by gifting them the Boutique 1 eGift Card. This is where style meets luxury, and where your loved one will find the right outfit that communicates the right message.

Alternatively, you can simply choose to help them celebrate this joyous event, with an eGift card from Tribes restaurant, or with a voucher from The Meat Co. Both will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds, and provide the graduate with a true celebration of the occasion. These are both graduation gifts Dubai-foodies, and ex-students, love!

For your next graduation occasion, gift what the graduate truly needs: items that will smoothen the transition into the next phase of life.Online Gifts Dubai

Gift What She’s Expecting – Gifts for Her in Dubai

Gifts for her DubaiResearch has shown that, nowadays, gift givers do not pay careful attention to the gift requests of their loved ones. Frequently, this is because they believe that choosing something else might appear more thoughtful and personal to the gift receiver. However, this is not the case: she would appreciate a gift that she requested more than one that you have selected from your imagination. So, what does this mean? It means that you have to find the right gift for her and this is not always a simple task, except when you use With this gifting platform, you can be sure that she will get what she wants. All you have to do is discover which brands she loves, then the rest is on her, as she will be the one to choose the items on her wish list. It is a win-win situation.

To make it even easier for you, we have put together a list of gift options for the ladies in your life. Mom, grandma, sister, wife, colleague, girlfriend and daughter: they all have a special place on our gifting platform. And so, here are a few choices for you:

If you are faced with a gifting need for a woman who is all about fashion and style, then a retail gift card from Zara or Mango would be perfect. Both of these stores gateways to the latest Gifts for her UAElooks from the Fashion Week catwalks. From accessories and shoes to dresses and coats, they have got it all and will surely make her stand out.

If you are looking for a different kind of retail experience for your special lady, then you should definitely go for an eGift card from Splash. This is where she will find the latest trends at the most affordable prices. Alternatively, there is also Centrepoint which combines many stores under one roof: Babyshop, Splash, Shoe Mart and Lifestyle are all available at this department store. This way, she can buy items for her kids, for her house and for herself all in one go.

Does she need amazing accessories to make her outfits pop? If so, then you should select the Malabar Gold gift card with which she can buy exclusive necklaces, earrings or bracelets. It is the only way to celebrate the sophisticated woman in your life.

Our retail gift options don’t end here, or in Dubai for that matter. They spread out all over the UAE! Gifts for her (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK…) are available in the capital. With an online voucher from Yas Mall, she can choose from a wide range of stores, from fast-fashion to luxury, and from a long list of items, from household goods to baby items.

It’s not limited to the UAE either, you can buy a gift in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries in the region.

Gifts for herHow about an experience as a gift? Pamper her with an eGift card from the Nail Spa, where she can get her nails fixed, and receive a facial or other massages at the same time. If you feel like she needs some quality time with her friends, family or yourself, then you can go for the Reel Cinemas gift card, with which you can both enjoy an evening off at the movies and some delicious popcorn.

The main point is that she will appreciate a gift she wants more than a gift that you personally chose for her. With an eGift card, you choose the brand and she chooses the gifts: it’s the best of both worlds!

Gifts for her (UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Qatar) are now easy to give and easier to choose, with

Online Gifts Dubai

It’s Her Birthday! Gift Ideas to Cherish Your Special Lady in Dubai

birthday gift ideas for her DubaiIs it almost time to sing happy birthday to the special lady in your life and for her to blow out her candles? If so, we know a little secret to make her day extra special this year. Whether it is your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your daughter, your sister or a colleague, there are some birthday gifts for her that simply can’t be missed! These eGift cards are available on our online gifting platform,, and are designed to make her birthday unforgettable. The best part is that there are so many options to choose from, ranging from spa getaways to shopping sprees. Let’s take a quick look at some birthday gift ideas for her, available on our platform:

Let’s say your special lady needs some time off work and home. You can be sure that a pampering session is much in order and will help take her mind off her responsibilities. What better place to do this than the Sister Beauty Lounge? This is where relaxation and fun meet and where she can get unparalleled nail, hair, face and body treatments!

Alternatively, she can go to The Nail Spa and receive the royal treatment for her nails and toes! She can also get a facial and other amazing therapies, that are going to spoil her on this very special day.

Birthday gifts Dubai-ladies will love can also include some retail therapy and an amazing shopping experience. She can do this with an eGift card from Yas Mall with which she can choose many stores to buy apparel, accessories, home décor, electronics among many other! You can also choose an eGift Card from Zara or Mango: it is at these stores that she can lay her hands on the best looks straight out of the catwalks of Paris, London and Milan. On her big day, make sure you are the reason she is walking around in style.

birthday gifts for her DubaiHow about some electronics as birthday gifts for her in Dubai? Yes! With an eGift card from Sharaf DG, your lady can buy lots: mobiles and tablets, computers, cameras, televisions, music equipment, home and kitchen appliances as well as health and beauty gadgets. This eGift card gives her access to the ultimate electronics destination and more! It is perfect for the woman who loves and is always up to date with the latest technology.

Have you ever heard the expression “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? Well, it’s true, especially with Malabar Gold Diamonds: this store’s offering will offer her the gift of sparkle and shine and will definitely make her stand out of the crowd. With their exclusive line of gold and diamond earrings, bracelets and necklaces, she is bound to feel elegant and sophisticated at all times, for all occasions and when wearing all of her outfits.

birthday gifts for her in UAEWe hope you can see that there are so many birthday gifts for women that you can choose from and that will definitely make your special lady happy on her big day. If you need gifts for girlfriend, for wife, for colleague, for sister or for mother, we have got you covered with digital vouchers that are engineered to impress.

The most amazing part, however, is how personal such a gift can be. Thanks to our platform, you can easily add a picture of you and her, a video or a special message for your lady. Forget about impersonal and lazy gifts, and leave room for thoughtful and happy ones!

Wish her a happy birthday with a special outing, a cake, but most importantly, with an eGift that screams love, appreciation and happiness.

Birthday Gifts Dubai

Online Birthday Gift Ideas in Dubai

If you are planning to send Birthday Gifts to Dubai this Winter Time look no further. We have got some online birthday gift ideas for him and her. If you’re living in the Middle East you know first hand about our climate, the unbearable heat and the summer suffering.  However, you would also know that the winter climates are perfect for outdoor activities. Birthdays are common in the winter months and sending birthday gifts to Dubai can be an arduous task. Luckily, the stars have aligned, much like & the winter months, to bring you some fun online birthday gift ideas. But it gets better, not only does the winter bring bearable weather, but also new years resolutions, new beginnings, and the hopes of change.

How YouGotaGift is getting out and active this winter time:

  • Zen Yoga

One of our favorite brands, Zen Yoga, are making the most of the cool winter weather by Yoga Gifts Dubaioffering outdoor yoga in the Marina. As well as their Ashtanga, Booty Barre, and Dynamic Vinyasa classes, Zen Yoga has indoor classes for beginners and experts. Maybe you have a friend who’s considering yoga but hasn’t taken that step. Or you don’t know if a loved one would be up for it? offers such a beautiful solution. Our eGift Cards gives them the choice as to when to redeem it and what to choose with it. Help them take that step to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

  • Surf House Dubai

Another great activity in the winter months is surfing. Link up with Surf House Dubai for some surfboards, paddleboards, and surfing lessons. The views of the ocean and Dubai skyline at dawn and dusk cannot be replicated.

  • Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai GiftsWhy don’t you truly embrace the winter period with a group trip to the famous and innovative indoor slope in Ski Dubai? Do some sleighing, meet the penguins, sit in the ice café, or hit the slopes. With the lovely weather outside and the state of the art facilities inside it’s the best of both worlds!

  • Dubai Autodrome

For all the petrol heads, Go Karting at the Autodrome is always a lot of fun and perfect at this Autodrome Gifts Dubaitime of year.  This is the perfect gift for all ages and for all the outdoorsy behavior, Columbia provides great gear.

  • Go Sport

Wintertime is an outdoorsy time in Dubai, a time for midday activities that won’t result in a heat stroke!! An eGift Card to Go Sport can fulfill anyone’s sporting needs from running shoes to kayaks! Give a friend the tools to choose the best sports gear and equipment from international, reputable brands!

  • (flights/hotels)

If none of this appeals to you maybe your friend needs a gift card for a holiday out of this town! provides great deals on both flights and hotels so surprise a friend with a trip today. We hope you have an awesome Dubai winter and make the most of the wonderful weather. This list of our favorite brands should assist in your birthday gift decision-making! Don’t forget, there is no better way to send online birthday gifts to Dubai for kids and children this wintertime than with We have a wide variety of options for you to select the best Birthday Gifts in Dubai. You can browse though the popular brands and send it very easily by personalizing with video and images. Happy gifting! Birthday Gifts Dubai

10 Valentine Gift Ideas in Dubai

The “Cupid Effect” hits us all on Valentine’s Day. One could say that love should always be celebrated and not just one day in a year. But we at see Valentine’s Day as just another day to give and receive great gifts from those we care about the most, our better halves.

The same old monotonous – or better yet ‘cliché’ – idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for him and her is to send those 100 red roses or simply her favorite bouquet of flowers accompanied by chocolates. But today that’s just become redundant.

We understand that finding Valentine gifts in Dubai, UAE is one of the hardest to get right and if you’re spending a lot of money you definitely don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking what they might want. That’s what makes our Gifting platform unique; surprise your loved one with the Gift of Choice and let them choose something they really want.

Valentine Gifts Dubai

In light of this, has made a list of 10 Valentine’s gift ideas that work in several situations.

1. Blossom a budding romance

Surprise them with a short getaway of her Choice. Let them decide with one of our Travel eGift Cards eg; Musafir.

2. Show your interest

Use our gift cards personalization feature for a cute little gesture. Record a video with a heart-felt message with their favorite song in the background. It’s the thought that counts! Big points here. Shows you pay attention.

3. Tell her she’s worth it

Marilyn Monroe uncovered a little secret in 1953 with a hit song ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’. You can’t go wrong with a Swarovski eGift Card from

4. Renew that redundant relationship

No more bland bonds! is on a campaign against bland bonds. Bring out that zest from any one of our ‘experiences’ eGift Card.

Take a culinary class together, go skiing if you miss snow. There are plenty of activity choices on our platform. Have her be the one to choose.

5. Stress eating up your relationship?

Nothing beats a Spa experience, and even better if you can enjoy some down time together. Give the Gift of relaxation. Have them choose from many of our Spa gift cards.

6. Rekindle a long distance relationship

Pick an eGift Card and add a personal touch with a photo feature. Why not attached a picture of your first date, or first trip together. Reminisce the great time spent together.

7. Take that Facebook fling to the next level

Your next message could be a surprise eGift Card offering a plethora of choice. Best part is they can choose what they really want.

8. Too busy to celebrate special occasions?

Again our personalization feature will make it easy for you and can make you look good! Record a 30” video or attach a memorable picture. It will quickly look like you put an effort into this gift.

9. Relationship in need of some fun?

Start a new hobby together. Send an eGift Card from Zen Yoga and take up yoga classes together.

10. Are you a true power couple?

Really live it to the max with an Autodrome session

With our 75+ leading brands, you can easily select the best Gift of Choice for your loved one. A variety of gift cards are available, ranging from fashion, beauty, sports, food, home ware, entertainment and electronics. We are the best option to avoid unwanted gifts when you send gifts for your loved ones!

Happy Valentines Day!

YouGotaGift Valentine Gift Card Dubai

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