Were you anywhere else in the world, you would’ve considered it unfortunate to have a winter birthday. Spending your birthday in your pajamas under a blanket is no fun! But if you’re celebrating your birthday in the UAE winter, you’re in luck. As a gift giver, you’re even luckier because you have more fun choices -and sales- to ease your gift-giving endeavors. We’ve rounded up a list of great gifts to give your winter-baby friend:

Fitness Swag

There’s a chance those “new year, new me” gym resolutions are starting to lose momentum, they just need a good push. So it makes perfect sense to give just that: a motivational push in the form of gym gear. The choices are endless so you better use this to your benefit, give them a sports goods gift card and earn your title as the greatest gift-giver of all time.

Outdoor Experiences

Winter in the UAE presents the rare opportunity of great al fresco dining, park strolls, and even some outdoorsy adventures. So, it’s no surprise that one of the best gifts for someone celebrating their birthday in winter would be the chance to enjoy the weather while doing something awesome, right?

Spa Treatment

Even though winter is very mild around here, it still takes its toll on our skin and nails. Anyone would absolutely enjoy a chance to unwind and get pampered at a great spa. Whether it’s getting their nails done, getting a facial, or even a great relaxing massage, we’re pretty sure a spa gift is going to be a big hit.

A Staycation

It would be a shame to leave the UAE just when it starts to have its best weather in the whole year. If you’re looking for a great winter birthday gift for a travel-loving friend, then a great staycation could be just the thing they need to beat that travel bug. A serene beach resort can be great for that much needed left-the-city-but-not-really break.

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