Gifts that caught celebrities’ attention …

Celebrities get hundreds (if not thousands) of Gifts every day, but check out the Gifts that really got these Hollywood celebrities’ attention …

1. Britney Spears’s Picture Books

britney special fan gifts

Britney Spears tweeted out a big thank you to her fans for making her birthday with these mini picture albums saying: “Got these adorable bday books with your pictures… Y’all!! Deeply touched, thank u so much. Xxoo”.

2. Taylor Swift’s hand made puzzle


Taylor Swift’s fans surely left a big impression when they sent her this glittery hand-made puzzle, which when put together reads out “Taylor Swift, your music connects people all over the world and ties them together with a smile. lovelovelove your Fearless Fans.”

Taylor Swift Fan gift

 3. Paris Hilton’s Canvas

Paris Hilton Fan Gift


A fan in Australia made Paris Hilton an artistic illustration of her name. The socialite posted it on her blog with pride saying “I Love my Fans. What a sweet gift! Thank you! I love Australia!”

Which celebrity would you go a long way to get attention from?

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