Group Gifting, Made Easy!

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Have you ever tried to surprise a friend or family member with the present of their dreams and you decide to have everyone attending the party pitch in some cash to buy one expensive gift, instead of everyone buying a separate one? It’s usually a hectic process trying to track people down to get them to contribute their share.

What usually ends up happening is that one person gets stuck buying the present, while the other members agree to pay the money back, but in reality, everyone tries to avoid paying altogether, or they delay it until months after the event, leaving you to foot the bill.

Group Gifting takes the hassle out of trying to plan and send a gift, as it’s all done electronically through email, Facebook or text message, and gives the recipient the choice to purchase what they choose from their favourite stores!

For example, say your best friend is having a house warming party in celebration of the new home she just purchased. Most people have a specific theme in mind as to how they’d like to decorate their home, so instead of each guest buying a mismatched item, they can contribute the cash they were going to spend instead.

If 25 people attending decide to contribute 500 AED each towards a Galeries Lafayette Gift Card, the host of the party would receive the amount of 12,500 AED that they can use to purchase what they please.

Another great occasion to use this service would be for baby showers! Especially, if you don’t know whether to shop for a girl or a boy, this would allow the recipient to choose the colours and items they need to complete their baby room.

Setting up a Group Gift is easy, here’s how it works:

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1) Select the Gift Card you’d like to purchase and customize it with a message and photo.
There are over 45 stores to pick from!
2) Select the minimum amount guests have to contribute.
3) Send the invite to your friends via email or Facebook to contribute the cash.
You can also set a deadline as to when the money needs to be contributed.
4) Once the money has been collected the Gift Card will be sent to the recipient.

Best part about this service is that you can personalize your card with a message and upload a photo as well. It is ideal for many occasions such as birthday’s, teacher gifts and baby showers.

We strongly suggest you give this service a try the next time you are planning to send an extravagant gift to your friends and family members, instead of doing it the old-school way. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use and how surprised your loved ones will be to receive it.

If you have any questions or require assistance in setting up your Group Gift don’t be shy to give us a shout by contacting us at:

We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments below: If you could receive a Group Gift from any store, which would it be and why?

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