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We are such big fans of Shahid VIP, and we want the entire world to know about it!

Ramadan is right around the corner and now is the time to start immersing yourself, and your loved ones, into the wonderful world of Shahid!

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Shahid VIP Originals

They’ve got all the latest Arabic series, exclusive movies, the BIGGEST productions as well as an entire lineup of Shahid Originals featuring your favorite celebs in groundbreaking roles, genres and titles.

Share the Shahid VIP experience with your family, your besties and even your colleagues and get everyone set before the Ramadan shows hit the screens so you can enjoy them together!

Wondering what to watch this week? We’ve got you covered!

Here are our top picks from the incredible world of Shahid:

The Bodyguard Play, Comedy, Shahid VIP, eGift Card, Gift Card
The Bodyguard Play – Comedy

This is a Shahid Exclusive and is one of Adel Imam’s most epic performances. Following his release from prison, Adham (Adel Imam) works as a bodyguard for a businessman’s wife. His life is upended when he finds himself in love with her.

Dive into this comedic masterpiece and discover the true meaning of ROFL. Starring Adel Imam, Raghda, Ezzat Abou Aouf and Said Abdel Ghany.

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Ana Series- Romantic Drama

Follow the story of Karam (Taim Hassan), a successful engineer who leads a life that people may deem perfect. BUT its intricacies unfold when he falls in love with two different women. A ‘Hold Your Breath’ Romantic Drama guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your couch. 

We still can’t get over episode 4! Starring Taim HassanRazane JammalRola BeksmatiDiamand Abou AbboudElie Mitri, Joseph Bo Nassar and Hisham Abu Sleiman.

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Al Merath Series – Drama

We cannot get enough of this show! Luckily for us the producers keep delivering and we could not be happier, well sometimes madder, depending on what happens on the show! Join this legion of a star-studded cast as they navigate life in a toxic environment filled with hatred and deceit.

Abdel Mohsen dies leaving a will that shows the true metal of everyone around him. Drama? Check. Romance? Check. Over 240 episodes to binge? Check! Starring Fawzi Al MoteabMariam Al GhamdiAbdulaziz Al SikirinMohammad AlhajjiOhoud Al Samer and Zara Al Balushi.

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Abshar Bel Sa’ad Series – Drama

One of the hottest releases of the year! Enter the world of Sa’ad (Naif Al Rashed) a corrupted lawyer taking advantage of his clients who turn to him seeking revenge and justice.

Sa’ad uses every dirty trick in the book to manipulate his clients, his friends and his family for his own personal gain, BUT, is someone doing the same to him? Starring Naif AlrashedMariam AlsalehHussein Al-MansourAbeer AhmedReem Erhama and Taif.

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Share the Shahid VIP experience with your family, your besties and even your colleagues and get everyone set before the Ramadan shows hit the screens so you can enjoy them together!

Share the Shahid VIP Experience

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