A love letter has always been as classic as romantic gestures could get. It’s been done and celebrated in romantic novels and movies since forever.

But in an age of instant messaging and heart-emoji comments on Instagram, a love letter that has been handwritten (or even typed) and well-thought is an infinite times as romantic and emotionally powerful as it has ever been.

For the month of L.O.V.E we’re giving you a guide to writing the perfect love letter to go with your Valentine’s Day gift, even if you aren’t “good with words”. It’s a tried and true tear-jerker, if that’s what you’re looking for. (Hint: that is what you should be looking for!)

Personalize It

Don’t start your letter writing journey with a generic message or template you found on the internet. You can easily ruin a great romantic gesture by making it look like you didn’t even bother come up with your own words. Instead, get a draft paper and jot down real themes and memories that you want to include in your letter. If you or your significant other have never read Pride and Prejudice, don’t include that quote in your letter!

Don’t Overthink Your Writing Skills

On that note, you really don’t need to be Jane Austen to write a heart-felt note. It doesn’t have to be pages upon pages in length. It doesn’t need to be flawless poetry or an epic novel that retells your entire love story. Yes, you should give it some thought and effort, double-check it for mistakes or changes that would make it sound better, but by no means it should sound like someone who isn’t you. In other words: put in the effort but don’t blow it out of proportion. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts.

Include THREE Things You Love About Them

And that’s at the very least. Don’t write an entire letter exclusively about the fact that they enjoy the same sport as you, or how you love the way they look. Instead, let them know you love so many things about them, and that you love them regardless of those things too.

Tell A Story

Scared you don’t have the skill to make your letter immersive and emotional? I’ll let you in on a secret then. It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no eloquence, as long as you tell a story. In this case, the introduction to your story will be the reason you wrote this letter. Don’t just say because it’s Valentine’s Day. Instead, say how much you love and appreciate them every day regardless what day it is, but that you thought you might not be saying it enough, so Valentine’s Day seemed like a nice chance to let them know how you feel. If you have different reasons that feel right to you, don’t hesitate to include them.

For the body of your letter, keep the story interesting and moving, by including everything from how they make your life better, to the memories you share together, to the great things you love about them, to the tiny little details that only you would notice and absolutely adore about them. Keep it personal and real. Even if what comes to your mind sounds funny or “not romantic enough”, be sure that there’s no such thing. Each couple has their own unique relationship and everyone has their own little quirks. As long as it’s real, it counts!

To end your letter, tell them about your dreams and plans for the future with them. There’s nothing more emotional that can make someone both smile and cry than knowing someone is dreaming of a beautiful future with them. The future can be anything from you next summer trip together to playing with your grandkids -you’re the only one who can decide what they’ll find romantic and what will just freak them out!

Edit & Beautify

Once you’re done, take a break and get back to your letter with a fresh outlook. Correct any mistakes, spot any parts that can be better if they’re shorter or longer, or parts that just don’t sound like you. Only when you’re satisfied with the content, you can get out your fancy stationery and start copying the letter nicely. You can be as extra as you want here: luxury paper, a personalized envelope, and even a wax seal will all add to the letter and show how much time and effort you put in it. If fancy isn’t really your (or your SO’s) jam, then just make sure it’s on a nice, clean, unwrinkled piece of paper!

You can even add an actual gift for good measure. Imagine timing your gift to be received precisely by the time your loved one has finished reading their letter. How cool is that?! If this sounds unfeasible, we found the best solution that will let you do just that!

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