We’re pretty sure time-travel is real, because Christmas is THREE DAYS away and that simply can’t be possible! Where did time go?!

And if you’re here, this means you need to find at least a couple of great last-minute Christmas gifts or you’ll be in serious trouble. We’ve all been there before. And just because we’ve tried to prepare you for Christmas over and over again since November, even giving you ready-made schedules and budgets -seriously, download them and keep them for next year- doesn’t mean we’re just going to sit back and smirk at you like “we told you”. Alas, we’ll fulfill our duty as Your Ultimate Gifting Blog and give you one last shot at great gifts -before it’s way too late, like, after Christmas or something. Here goes nothing:

Homemade Something

If you’re good at making usable stuff, then this is for you (if you aren’t, please move on to the next point. Now is not the time to start learning candle-making).

Homemade gifts scream thoughtful, and usually cost so little too. If you know your way around the kitchen, you can whip up a huge batch of cookies in less than an hour. Place them in cute boxes with a personal note and you’ve just made a delicious and thoughtful gift. If you’re even craftier, make jam. Nothing looks cozier than a beautiful jar of homemade jam, with a beautiful craft paper tag tied to the jar lid with string (just like Maria’s favorite things: brown paper packages, tied up with strings).

Homemade gifts don’t have to be edible. Other options include a beautiful cushion cover, a simple knitted scarf, a beautiful framed sketch, a scented candle, a sugar scrub… you get the idea.


A subscription is an awesome gift, either it’s for a practical everyday necessity or a splurge item. A gym membership, a meal plan subscription, even a year of Netflix are all great ideas that we doubt anyone wouldn’t like to receive. Alternatively, if you’re close enough to the person to know their interests, a subscription box could be awesome. Right now, there’s a subscription box for literally everything: from crime investigation, to Harry Potter collectibles, to Korean beauty products, to beard grooming, to coffee or tea blends, to cat-themed goodies (for both the subscriber and their cat!) 

Several cat subscription boxes truly exist, we’re not kitting!

If they’re interested in something, there’s a 99.999% possibility there’s a subscription box for it. All you have to do is find the right box, pay for a 6-month or 12-month subscription upfront, enter the recipient’s details, print out the confirmation and place it in an envelope. They’ll be double-excited knowing that their gift will keep on showing up at their door for several months, never doubting that this was in fact the result of a last-minute lightbulb moment!

Gift Cards

Okay, we get it. Not all of us are crafty, and not all of us can afford a subscription box (or even know the recipient’s interests enough, to be honest!) 

It’s not okay to just skip the presents this year, Scrooge.

So unless you’re okay with showing up empty-handed and being called Scrooge for the rest of your life – or worse, getting awful gifts that everyone hates and secretly curse you for – a gift card is your best bet here. And if you think gift cards are tell-tale signs of last-minute panicky gifting, this will change your mind:

What’s better than a gift card that can be split and redeemed across endless stores and experiences, and is personalized with a greeting card, a message, a photo or video, and can be kept forever in digital form -aka can never be lost? 


Plus, no one would ever suspect this kind of thoughtfully personalized gift was a last-minute save. No one.

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