Let’s get eGifting shall we? But we’re not talking about that fancy dress or running shoe, it’s time to go digital with our top-tech eGift cards, hand-picked to ensure that special someone has choice and variety when it comes to all-things technology. Let’s dive right in.


Established back in 2005, iStyle emerged as one of the biggest Apple premium resellers operating in the Middle East. With 59 dedicated stores, their main goal is to ensure that you “live and breathe the Apple experience.”

In addition to offering all the latest Apple products, their staff (about 5,000 people!) are knowledgeable, reliable and are ready to help and go beyond just serving the customers.

So if you know someone that’s in the market for that shiny new Apple Watch/iPhone/MacBook (among others), the iStyle eGift card is the perfect choice.

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