An Inside Look: Virgin Megastore

What is Virgin Megastore? Virgin Megastore is the ultimate source for entertainment products in the Middle East. They carry a wide selection of items such as electronics, DVDs, multimedia, games, CDs, computers and much more. They provide “an innovative entertainment destination for the young and young at heart,” with their distinctive shopping experience.

An Inside Look: Galeries Lafayette

What is Galeries Lafayette? Galeries Lafayette is a large department store that offers 215,000 square feet of premium shopping. Their mission is to offer customers “a French vision of a stylish lifestyle,” which is evident while browsing the store. They carry a wide variety of luxurious items from different product categories such as fashion, beauty, home, gourmet food, weddings and…

Seven Reasons to Send a Gift Card

Picking out the right gift is not always the easiest task, and that’s why a Gift Card can save the day! Although, they are ideal for any occasion, here’s when they might be especially useful: 1. If you’re in a long distance relationship or have family/ friends living outside the United Arab Emirates. They now have a convenient way to…

Group Gifting, Made Easy!

Have you ever tried to surprise a friend or family member with the present of their dreams and you decide to have everyone attending the party pitch in some cash to buy one expensive gift, instead of everyone buying a separate one? It’s usually a hectic process trying to track people down to get them to contribute their share.