Planning the perfect surprise party!

The only thing that can limit your surprise party is your imagination!

Planning a surprise party is exciting but requires an organized task list for it to be perfect.


Step #1 – Brainstorm
– Set the date, place, and time
– Plan a ‘theme’ to help you stay focused
– Decide on the Food & Beverage (Cuisine, Courses, etc.)
– Choose music that’s appropriate for the setting and occasion

Step #2 – Delegate!
You may think you got it all under control but the reality is that you can’t be in two places at once!

Split responsibilities. Assign someone to chaperon the “Surprisee” while other set up the decorations, etc.

Step #3 – Plan a Group Gift

Group Gift
Group Gift

Surprise parties require a lot of coordination leaving the organizers little time for a thoughtful gift. Set up a Group Gift online and send everyone the link while sending them their invitations. Consider also including friends abroad who can’t attend (for a more personal touch).

Click here to organize a Group Gift (it’s instant):

Step #4 – Invite the guests

surprise party invitation

Send everyone an invitation with the details of the party. Don’t forget to include their responsibilities and a link to the Group Gift.

Step #5Create a Checklist for the day
People tend to miss out on certain details. Have a checklist handy on the day to ¬make sure that everything is on track.

Step#6 – Lure the surprisee into the party
Congratulations, you have a surprise party!
Got tips and tricks for organizing a surprise party? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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