Sending Christmas Gifts to Dubai Made Easy – A Personal Account

We at pride ourselves on our feedback. We take everyone’s opinion into account and reviews are always welcomed. When we asked one of our long-time UK based customers to write a personal account of their overseas gifting experience this is what we received;

Where does one start when it comes to Christmas gift ideas and especially sending Christmas gifts to Dubai?
Another year has passed and another year of conjecture is upon us. What might make my family and friends smile on Christmas Day. So many gifts given with responses of insincerity and extended “thaank you’s”. It’s a polite reflex but it would be nice just once to actually give them something they could be happy with, and moreover, utilize! I mean, the majority of Christmas gifts can’t even be found in the house by the month of March. That’s what prompted me into the mission of avoiding unwanted gifts. And that’s when I began to look into gift cards, a phenomenon in the gifting world, on that has taken the gifting world by storm. A sweet, heartfelt gift that allows you to let your loved ones choose something they really want without putting a crinkled note in an impersonal envelope. What made it so, is the way I could add a video, photo and message. They’re also sent easily and free, which makes it a perfect Christmas gift to send to the UAE from abroad.

Christmas Gifts Dubai

Let’s face it; the stores are always jam packed in the run up to Christmas. Work is off and so are the schools for those vastly long Christmas holidays we all miss. The roads become carnage as the advent of this very merry public holiday approaches. Parking is a near impossibility and when you eventually do find a space it’s always in the furthest row away. As you begin the long trek toward the store entrance, you turn back to measure what seems like a lengthy abyss between yourself and the car, wondering how exactly you’ll haul back these giant purchases you proceed to painstakingly pick. Once you do finally make it into the store expect to be mobbed by a crowd of eager shoppers rushing for the best items.

This may seem a rather solemn sketch during Santa Claus season. However, when you transfer this infinite freedom of choice to the person receiving a gift the whole script changes. It goes from a shot in the dark to an enjoyable experience. also lets you keep it personal not only with videos, pictures and message but also by maybe for once choosing something that they might like. I personalized my gift by opting to sing a Christmas jingle in a hilarious video.

Last year I slickly avoided sending an unwanted gift. A friend of mine has been a bike rider for the past few years, a fantastic hobby. I can’t ride a bike, so I didn’t know if he needed a new helmet, a pump for his tire, or a new bike all together. So I opted for an eGift Card for some merchandise for Ride Bike Shop. Turns out he needed a lock for his shiny new Cannondale. The eGift Card made him light up with joy and he even waited ‘til the sales to get another item too. I loved the experience! I made his Christmas and made it past an unwanted gift; without searching for a gift, without probing him as to what he might want, I mean I did it without leaving the house! “

–  David Brent, London.

At, we provide a great service for people abroad with a range of retailers. Sending Christmas gifts for him and her are made so much simpler when made digital. We thank David for his personal account and we look forward to more people enjoying the same experience. Have a try and see how you experience the Christmas gifting with us.

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