Send online gifts to DubaiThe United Arab Emirates is a hub for work, leisure, entertainment and fun; that is why many people visit or move into this extraordinary country each year. Fun fact: did you know that Dubai is the fourth most visited country in the world after Paris, London and Bangkok?

Many visit or move to the big cities of the UAE without really experiencing the best things it has to offer, which is why we have put together this blog. If you know someone who is about to make a definite move to this country or is simply coming to visit its beautiful landmarks, we know ways to make their experience even better. Yes! You can send gifts to UAE-visitors that are going to allow them to have a fuller, more personalized and rewarding visit! We will first look at possible gifts for the new residents, then gifts for the upcoming tourists.

Send gifts to UAEFor many newbies, moving into the UAE can be an overwhelming experience because they need to adapt to a new environment, meet new people and move into a new house. When it comes to making a home, we have just the gift cards! You can give them a hand by gifting them the Home Box, or Home Centre eGift Cards. The first store provides them with the perfect combination of style, comfort and affordability. They have everything a house needs, from dining room sets to bathroom accessories and storage. On the other hand, at Home Centre, gift receivers can find all the necessary items to turn this house into a place they can call home: comfortable bedroom styles and homey décor is where this store excels.

Massage gifts DubaiAlso, we understand that adapting to a new country can be nerve-wracking, which is why a great gift to give is one from Cleopatra’s Spa, or the O2 Spa. Some very unique treatments await them at both centers. The Balinese Massage at Cleopatra’s Spa is sure going to soothe both body and mind, and the Natural Fruit Body Wrap is definitely going to leave them feeling refreshed and ready. Finally, new residents need a boost of confidence when they go out and meet new people. As a result, a great gift would be a confidence booster, or an eGift Card from Malabar Gold. Jewelry is the most flattering compliment to any outfit!

Tourists! You can send gifts to Dubai-visitors that will make their experience in the country worthwhile. First and foremost, you can allow them to get their adrenaline pumping with an eGift card from the Dubai Autodrome, with which they race against their friends, family and time in a truly spectacular setting. Another very typical must-try Dubai experience is indoor skiing at Ski Dubai. However, if they are visiting the country with the kids, a great gift card would be the one from Magic Planet as it allows the children to spend an afternoon playing fun arcade games and even winning a prize! Even better is gifting them something that will always remind the kids of their stay in the UAE, and that’s the Build a Bear eGift Card. It is a truly one of a kind experience that will stay in their memories for a long time. Speaking of Dubai souvenirs, the adults can get one too, with the Swarovski gift voucher, with which they can purchase home décor or jewelry inspired by the region’s designs.

Send gifts to Dubai

The best thing you can do to help new residents and tourists of the country is to send online gifts to Dubai so they can make use of them in their time here. They will definitely be thanking you for supporting them and guiding them in their journey!

Send Gifts to UAE


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