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DIY Online Gift Ideas in Dubai – Arts, Crafts and Gifts

Gift IdeasWhat if you could give the ultimate, most unique and personalized gift out there? For many gifters, that is the dream and today’s blog looks at different ways to achieve this. More specifically, we will be telling you how you could take your selected gift card to the next level by adding to it an easy, memorable do-it-yourself physical gift. You may be thinking that this is a time consuming task, but we have selected 5 simple DIY gift ideas that your loved ones are simply going to adore receiving and that you are going to love making. Let the fun begin!

Gift card in matchboxOur first DIY idea to accompany your gift card involves a matchbox, some felt pens, cutouts and a creative little message. All you have to do is take the matchbox, decorate it as you please with the pens or cutouts and then add a surprise message for when the receiver opens the box! That way, not only will they find the gift card printed inside, but also a heartfelt message from you to them. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild for this!

Our second DIY idea is to place the printed eGift card of your choice inside a mason jar. While that may sound too easy, what we suggest is to also add a photo of your loved one and yourself on the inside of the jar’s lid. This will pleasantly surprise them when they open the jar to get the gift card. You may also decorate the jar as you please with ribbons, drawings or more photos!

DIY Gifts UAEYour close friend of family member would appreciate a gift that holds memories; that is why photos are always great for DIY gifts. This time in our third DIY idea, we suggest you make use of those popsicle sticks that you always throw out. Stick them together to create a background frame and then, glue a collection of photos to it. Make sure the photos you select show the memories you both shared in the past.

DIY gifts in dubaiWe have many gifting categories and many gift card options in each. One of these categories involves all things beauty and wellness! Our fourth DIY gifting idea is all about that. Indeed, we suggest you make your loved one their very own body scrub made from sugar, coconut oil and lemon and lavender essential oils. It’s simple: mix the coconut oil and the sugar, then add the oils. Such a gift goes perfectly well with any of our spa gift cards as it allows your loved one to continue relaxing from the comfort of their homes.

DIY Gift CardsOne of the greatest thing about gift cards is that there are so many ways to present them to the receivers, which brings us to our final fifth DIY idea for your search for gifts in Dubai. For example, you can create food-shaped cutouts for the food related gift cards you select: a coffee cup for a Jones the Grocer gift card is an idea. You can make a t-shirt shaped cutout for any shopping gift cards, or a graduation cap cutout for the happy graduate. The possibilities are endless. Not only are they easy and fun to create, receivers will also never want to throw them away.

There you have it: a collection of 5 DIY gifts to accompany your gift card selection. Keep in mind this can be done with any of our vouchers and in any country available on our website. Arts and crafts are the new must for all gifts (UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, etc…).

They are easy to make but very difficult to forget, allowing you to create a lasting impact on your loved one.

Online Gifts Dubai

Forget about Physical Gift Cards, Think Digital! Online Gifts in Dubai

Online Gifts DubaiIn the past, we have given you many reasons why online gift cards are better than traditional, physical gifts including their convenience, ease-of-use, possibilities of personalization and the many options available to choose from. Well, today’s blog is a little bit different. Now, we want to prove to you that online gifts cards are better than physical gift cards. In other words, we are trying to show you that buying your gift cards from an online platform is far better than buying it from the actual store. There are many reasons for this.

First, a physical gift card is easily lost while the eGift Card is safely stored in the gift receiver’s email, or messaging inbox. That way, your loved one will never lose this little card that brings so much joy.

Second, the online gift voucher is very convenient for the sender because it allows them to send gift card from the comfort of their own homes, and prevents them from forgetting or not having time to buy a present.

Third, these digital gifts are also economical: most of them don’t require you to pay a fee, and you can choose the amount you want to put in. However, the best part of these types of gifts is that there are many options to choose from and that means that your loved ones will never be disappointed with what they’ve been offered. If you don’t believe us, here are some online gift ideas you can find on our website:

  • Clothing is one of our main product categories, as we have online gifts Dubai fashionistas will thank you for. If you are on the lookout for an all-encompassing fashion gift, go for the Apparel gift card that combines around 600 stores including Aldo, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and many more. If you are seeking more affordable fashion, then you should choose the Centrepoint gift card. Other options include stylish everyday wear from Fitness GiftsAeropostale, and sophisticated styles from Massimo Dutti.
  • Experiences are also very big when it comes to gifts. On our platform, you will find gift cards that offer fitness experiences such as the Surf House, or Zen Yoga where your loved one can learn the art of surfing or the art of yoga. Alternatively, you can select a unique dining experience at Mint Leaf of London as your gift card of choice, with which gift receivers can enjoy modern Indian dishes that will make their Experiences Gifts Dubaitaste buds dance.
  • Entertainment can also be a great gift card option for individuals of all ages. Kids will love you for gifting them an eGift card from The Toy Store, where they will find thousands of fun games that will bring smiles to the entire family. Speaking of family, how about an eGift card from Reel Cinemas where they can enjoy quality time and a quality movie.

Entertainment Gifts DubaiMany believe that online gift cards are not personal and that physical gift cards can be wrapped in beautiful paper and combined with a bow. However, you should know that our gifting platform allows you to personalize eGift cards. How? You can choose from many possible designs to go with the card; you can also add a picture or a video; and finally, you can add a lengthy message to your loved one. Our online gifts in Dubai have many benefits: they are many (100+ popular brands), they are personal (personalization feature), they are safe (secured payment gateway) and they are convenient (easy and instant gifting).

Another great part of online gift cards is that they can travel borders. In other words, if your loved one lives in Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait or Qatar, you can still send them love with our eGift cards as we have several options in these countries. Even if you live abroad, and your friend or family member lives in the Emirates, you can still choose from online gifts UAE residents love.

Online Gifts Dubai

Advantages of Gift Cards over Traditional Gifting in UAE

Digital Gift CardsIf you have ever bought a gift for someone in the past, you must know how much of a hassle it can be! At times, you really have no idea what to get. Other times, you run out of time to go shopping for a gift. Sometimes, you just forget you need one for an upcoming event. And, let’s not forget that time that you told your loved one you forgot the present at home, when you actually did not buy one. The stories are endless, but what we would like to tell you is that gifting doesn’t have to be so difficult, especially when you can now buy digital gift cards.

Overall, they make your life easier and fulfill your gifting needs in a click of a button. If you are looking for gifts Dubai-dwellers will love, then think no further than digital gift vouchers from YouGotaGift.com. You may be wondering what are the advantages of gift cards over traditional gifts. Well, there are many!

  • Online Gifts DubaiFirst and foremost, gift cards are the only way to avoid giving your loved one a gift they don’t want. With this type of gift, receivers can use the card to buy the items they truly want and need. Let’s say you gift a Yas Mall or Mall of the Emirates Gift receivers can choose to buy items from any store at one of the malls or can even dine at one of the food outlets. Gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving, literally!
  • Gift cards are much more convenient than traditional gifts. Not only are they easy to buy, they can also be used all at once at a single store. If you choose a gift card from Virgin, Babyshop or Galeries Lafayette, your loved ones will enter empty handed, but will leave with their hands full of the items they love.
  • Many of you may think that you can’t use gift cards during sales and offers. Well, that is not true. Your loved ones can buy discounted items from Zara whenever they are on sale. It is the best of both worlds.Zara Gift Card
  • Gift cards challenge the idea of gifts in Dubai simply because there are so many options to choose from. All it takes is a trip to the store or restaurant, or a visit to our website: YouGotaGift.com From a spa trip to Cleopatra’s Spa to a cooking class from Top Chef, you can gift it all!
  • Some also argue that gift cards are impersonal, as opposed to traditional presents. This is where we come into play. What is more personal than gifting them the freedom of choice? If your loved one is a fitness lover, there are endless possibilities you can choose from which means there is a chance you will choose an item they don’t want. But, if you get them a Nike gift card, they can choose the goods they really need to reach their fitness goals.Splash Gift Card

And these are only some of the advantages that gift cards have over traditional gifting; there is so much more to it that can make your gifting process easier and your loved ones’ happiness higher.

Personalizing Gift Cards are unique to our website. Our platform allows you to do just that. All you have to do is choose an eGift, enter your preferred amount, personalize it with a photo, a message or a video, and choose your method of delivery (Email, SMS or Print at Home). It is as simple as that. So, head to our website and let’s start gifting together!

Online Gifts Dubai

Save the Dates! Don’t Miss The Chance To Greet & Gift!

Online Gift Ideas DubaiWe are all busy, all the time. We have tons of work to worry about, friends we have to keep in
touch with, family we have to see and ourselves we have to entertain and take care of. With all of this in mind, we’re bound to forget about some very important events and occasions that might be right around the corner. Fortunately, YouGotaGift.com is here to help with that. Not only do we offer great online gift ideas, we have also put together a little list of the main events and their exact dates in the coming year (2016-2017).

Mark your calendars for October 30 because it will be the date of the time of Diwali, a precious time in which families gather to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. We have a wide range of online gifts in Dubai that you could offer your friends and family for this occasion. One option is a Malabar Gold & Diamonds eGift card that will definitely make your loved ones shine like the Diwali lights.

Christmas Gifts Dubai

The next important date that should be in your calendar is: December 25. Christmas is the season of gifting as well as a tough time to find gifts for everyone. With YouGotaGift.com, you can send gifts to your loves ones in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha and many more cities across the region. The website has a category especially designed for Christmas gift ideas, ranging from Galeries Lafayette vouchers to Virgin Megastore.

As we approach the end of the month of December, we reach a New Year at midnight, on December 31st. Celebrate with those who have spent the new year with you over the last few years and rejoice them with an eGift card from Souq.com or Sharaf DG gifts! Even if your friends and family live abroad, we let you send them a heartfelt wish with online gifts (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha and other major cities).

A very important date of the month of February is the 14th or as, most of you know it, Valentine’s day, the day of love. It’s that time of the year again where you can celebrate your significant others and the love you both share. Treat your partner to a fancy dinner at Mint Leaf of London where you can sip on tasty drinks and feast on delicious and refined food, while enjoying each other’s company.

Mothers day gifts DubaiOn March 21, it’s Mother’s Day. There is only one memorable way to thank your mom for all that she has done for you and that is through gifting and showing your appreciation to her, who has made your life happy. Say thanks by pampering your mother with an eGift card from N.BAR or spoiling her with an online voucher from LIALI Jewelry.

Fathers! We haven’t forgotten them at all. It’s their day on June 18th. They advise you, love you and support you every day of the year and so, they deserve a gift. How about offering them the gift of relaxation from 1847 or the choice of footwear and accessories from Nike?

Then comes Sister’s Day on August 6. You know what they say: side by side, or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart. There is no better way to celebrate sisterhood than together, with an online gift card from VOX Cinemas or Dreamworks Spa.


The day after, on August 7, we also celebrate Rakhi. On this special day, celebrate the special and unique bond that you share with your siblings. Affirm and strengthen your family tie with gifts and presents. Make your sister happy with an eGift card from Swarovski or show your appreciation to your brother by offering him a card from Sun and Sand Sports.

Finally, Eid this year will fall around September 1, 2017. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for gifts for this very important occasion. Think about these online gift cards as possible gifts: babyshop, Splash Fashions or the Nail Spa.

And so, we’ve got you covered on all the important dates from now until the rest of the year! With our easy-to-use and friendly platform, you can send gifts whenever you want and from wherever you want so long as you’ve got the YouGotaGift.com application on your smartphones.

Allow us to help you remember the dates that matter and make those dates memorable for you and your loved ones.

Online Gifts Dubai

Buying Online Gifts in Dubai vs Traditional Gifting

Gone are those days when people used to go to a shop to buy a gift, wrap it in those fancy papers and go directly to the houses and give away the gift…In today’s busy life, when convenience has taken over all walks of life, sending gifts also takes a new face. Today, technology has changed the meaning of lifestyle especially when it comes to celebrating a special moment in your loved one’s life.

Online Gifts Dubai

In this era of google, where every information is available only a click away, let’s take the advantage of the whole scenario. Online gifting has been one of the blessings happened to our lifestyle, especially in this part of world. Being settled in Middle East, we must have come across many people saying it’s just a Friday that we get, let’s sit and enjoy at home. Yes, exactly, but what do we do if there’s a party coming up or a special day of your family member or a friend. That exactly was the thought that initiated the idea of online platforms to come up with an idea of giving away the gifts online. There are so many benefits of taking it this way.

  1. Convenience – No hassle of going out

Yes, that exactly is the biggest advantage of online gifts (Dubai) while compared to the traditional way of gifting. The gifts are showcased in your living room, just in a click and you are free to choose it at your convenience. Enjoy your holiday at home spending some quality time with your family and loved ones.

  1. Availability – We have it all in one single point.

Two birthdays coming, one is your mother’s and another your friend’s kid’s, this mostly defines you have to go to two different shops, at times two different places as well. Online gifting for the rescue again. We have it all on our page, be it a birthday, anniversary, or just a special where you want to express your feelings to your loved one. It gives an easier selection of gifts without much hassle and most imported is that the whole experience is done from home at your convenience.

  1. We are open 24×7

That’s one of the highlight of the online gifting system, suddenly remembered a birthday or anniversary late at night, just go online and pick one gift and sleep well. There is no such tension of the closing time of the shop, enjoy the whole shopping experience even at the late hours. Going online helps us in saving time during the day and the shopping can be any time you are free and relaxed.

  1. Online Gifting doesn’t stop in UAE.

Got relatives in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar or Bahrain? Sending gifts regionally just got so much easier. Regions favorite brands are also available in these countries and we assure you more surprises are coming your way. Gifting process is exactly the same way as UAE and works across any device.

  1. Save some change from the deals and offers.

Most of the online channels come up with offers and discounted deals mainly because of the absence of the middle men. We might have always witnessed a difference in any product when store bought and purchased online. And the savings is not just from the offers and discounts, but also as the shopping is done from home, no petrol expenses, no parking hassles.

  1. Climate is the biggest shopping enemy in UAE

Dubai is known for being the paradise for shopping, but the climate always plays a spoil spot. During summer, when the temperature is at its peak, who will want to go out to buy a gift, be it for anyone? Online gifting solves the problem and enjoy shopping from home and yes, beating the heat.

  1. No crowded shopping experience.

We might have come across a situation where we have left the shop without buying anything as it was very much crowded. Especially during a festival or any special event, the malls and shops so crowded that the whole scene turns into a chaos. Another head is finding a parking on such a busy day. Why create such a situation when you can shop from home.

  1. Short of ideas on what to buy, go for gift cards

There will be times, when we are stuck with absolutely no idea on thinking what to buy? Or especially when you are unsure of the liking and interest of the person whom you are buying the gift. When you wish to buy something for a gadget lover, but unsure if he/she already owns it, the Gift cards from electronics stores like Sharaf DG or Plug ins are really helpful.

  1.  Shop at peace.

Last but not the least, ‘Shopping at peace’ is very important as no one really influences your shopping. Most of the time we fall victims of the compulsive shopping from the shop keepers or sales person’s pressure and end up buying what we really dint want.

So, let’s all enjoy the whole fun of shopping from home and bring smiles on our loved ones faces all at our convenience. So in general you have a double benefit when you are buying online gifts in Dubai with YouGotaGift. One, the buyer get all the convenience, personalization features, quickness and security to buy online. Second, the receiver is able to easily redeem their gift card and get the gift they really love.

Happy Gifting!
Online Gifts Dubai

Think Outside the “Gift” Box – Online Gifts in Dubai

Do you remember how happy you felt when your son or daughter surprised you with that drawing of the grass, the sun and the clouds for your birthday? Or when your friend made you a video of the greatest moments you both shared? Let’s face it: ‘Do It Yourself’ or better yet ‘DYI’, gifts are simply the ‘IT thing right now. There’s just nothing more personal than a gift, hand-crafted and especially created for a single individual. Here, at YouGotaGift.com, we allow you to be a part of the entire gifting process and, together, we can co-create very unique and special Gift Cards for your friends and family. The personalization and DIY ideas mentioned below will help you find the best varieties of online gifts in Dubai.

Online Gifts Dubai

So, the question remains: how can you go ‘DIY’ with an eGift Card?

We have the answer to that right here! You can send online gifts to Dubai, made and designed by you, for your loved ones.  Believe it or not, there are many ways to do this.

  1. Complement your eGift Card with a “DIY” gift. You might feel that an online gift voucher is a tad formal and impersonal, but still believe its value is grand. Then, what better way to personalize it than by adding an extra gift of your creation? Here are some ideas: a stylish Japanese bowl, a cute polka dotted mug or occasion-specific gift kits! All of these can be made simply and quickly if you follow the instructions found here.
  1. Alternatively, if you decide to give the voucher in print form, you could add a Gift Card holder of your making, customizable for different events. Many different design options exist for card holders. A suit and tie holder might be suitable for dad, a snow globe holder for the kids or a mason jar card holder for mum. You can make these, and many others, easily with the online tutorials, found here.

DIY Gifts Dubai

  1. Don’t be afraid to go all out in the video you can attach to the eGift Card you have chosen! Make a collage with the best pictures of the moments you both shared, add some of the songs that take your mind on a trip down memory lane or add a clip of that funny and unforgettable moment you shared with that special someone. Creating and editing it yourself is definitely going to give that “I did it myself” mood.

Ceecode Gifts Dubai

  1. What if the person receiving the gift is a huge DIY fan? Well, we have something for him too! An online Gift Card from Ace Hardware, purchasable from YouGotaGift.com, is bound to satisfy the DIY fanatic. From sawn wood to painting tools and long lists of hand utensils, this megastore has got it all. Your loved one will be able to bring his projects to life in a fun and exciting way. Our range of brands also includes CeeCode, a creator of chic and fashionable handbags designed in ways that give an overall ‘DIY’ look and feel. Their clutches feature car plate numbers, taxi roof signs or roadside warning signs.

Don’t hesitate when sending online gifts to Dubai DIY enthusiasts because you can now do so with ease! Our platform is incredibly easy to use and features three simple steps that can be completed in three short minutes: choose your brand and amount, add a greeting card for your occasion and the video, message or photo of your choice and finally, decide when and how to send the online gift cards to your loved ones. It’s all about convenience and speed with us.

Making gifts has never been so easy. Let’s co-create, together!

Online Gifts Dubai