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Send Gifts for the Newbies and Tourists of Dubai, UAE

Send online gifts to DubaiThe United Arab Emirates is a hub for work, leisure, entertainment and fun; that is why many people visit or move into this extraordinary country each year. Fun fact: did you know that Dubai is the fourth most visited country in the world after Paris, London and Bangkok?

Many visit or move to the big cities of the UAE without really experiencing the best things it has to offer, which is why we have put together this blog. If you know someone who is about to make a definite move to this country or is simply coming to visit its beautiful landmarks, we know ways to make their experience even better. Yes! You can send gifts to UAE-visitors that are going to allow them to have a fuller, more personalized and rewarding visit! We will first look at possible gifts for the new residents, then gifts for the upcoming tourists.

Send gifts to UAEFor many newbies, moving into the UAE can be an overwhelming experience because they need to adapt to a new environment, meet new people and move into a new house. When it comes to making a home, we have just the gift cards! You can give them a hand by gifting them the Home Box, or Home Centre eGift Cards. The first store provides them with the perfect combination of style, comfort and affordability. They have everything a house needs, from dining room sets to bathroom accessories and storage. On the other hand, at Home Centre, gift receivers can find all the necessary items to turn this house into a place they can call home: comfortable bedroom styles and homey décor is where this store excels.

Massage gifts DubaiAlso, we understand that adapting to a new country can be nerve-wracking, which is why a great gift to give is one from Cleopatra’s Spa, or the O2 Spa. Some very unique treatments await them at both centers. The Balinese Massage at Cleopatra’s Spa is sure going to soothe both body and mind, and the Natural Fruit Body Wrap is definitely going to leave them feeling refreshed and ready. Finally, new residents need a boost of confidence when they go out and meet new people. As a result, a great gift would be a confidence booster, or an eGift Card from Malabar Gold. Jewelry is the most flattering compliment to any outfit!

Tourists! You can send gifts to Dubai-visitors that will make their experience in the country worthwhile. First and foremost, you can allow them to get their adrenaline pumping with an eGift card from the Dubai Autodrome, with which they race against their friends, family and time in a truly spectacular setting. Another very typical must-try Dubai experience is indoor skiing at Ski Dubai. However, if they are visiting the country with the kids, a great gift card would be the one from Magic Planet as it allows the children to spend an afternoon playing fun arcade games and even winning a prize! Even better is gifting them something that will always remind the kids of their stay in the UAE, and that’s the Build a Bear eGift Card. It is a truly one of a kind experience that will stay in their memories for a long time. Speaking of Dubai souvenirs, the adults can get one too, with the Swarovski gift voucher, with which they can purchase home décor or jewelry inspired by the region’s designs.

Send gifts to Dubai

The best thing you can do to help new residents and tourists of the country is to send online gifts to Dubai so they can make use of them in their time here. They will definitely be thanking you for supporting them and guiding them in their journey!

Send Gifts to UAE

If you Miss them, Gift them! Send Gifts to Dubai Easily

Send Gifts DubaiThe United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of nationalities! In fact, did you know that around 8 million residents of this country are expatriates? Well, it’s true! If you think about it, that means that all of these people have left their homes and their families to live their lives in the UAE. But, this doesn’t mean that you don’t miss them, or that you don’t think about them. It is true that the distance has separated you from your loved one; however, we know a way to re-connect the two of you in a unique and long-lasting manner, and that is through the act of sending GIFTS! They have been proven to make relationships stronger even when the two individuals live apart from each other. If you miss your dear friend or family member, you can now easily send gifts to UAE-residents, to let them know that distance has not affected your relationship, and never will.

If you are still reading this blog, it means that you are interested in sending gifts to the UAE; but, you may still be confused about what to get. We are here to help you with that with the following list possible gift cards you can send to your loved one living in the cities of the UAE. From shopping sprees, entertainment, children toys and even luxury gifts, we have it all on our gifting platform, especially made for you to choose from and for your loved one to love:

  • fashion gifts in DubaiIf your loved one in the UAE loves to shop the latest trends, or is simply in need of some retail therapy, then you have the option to choose from Zara, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger and Centrepoint. Each store has something unique to offer. Zara and Mango’s racks are filled with the latest pieces straight from the fashion catwalks. Shopping at either store is guaranteed to fulfill even the most stylish shoppers!

At Tommy Hilfiger, gift receivers are in for a treat as they will be able to access an            exclusive collection of classy and sophisticated apparel that are guaranteed to make your      loved one walk around in style. At Centrepoint, the offering is a little different since this     department store offers trendy and fashionable items at very affordable prices. Your loved one can buy more items for less.

spa gifts in Dubai

  • When you decide to send online gifts to Dubai, you can’t ignore entertainment as an option. The country’s cities have so much to offer when it comes to fun. For example, Abu Dhabi residents can enjoy an eGift Card from Yas Mall with which they can try shooting at Battle Zone, or take the kids to Fun Works for a guaranteed good time. Alternatively, if the gift receiver believes that a day at the spa is the true definition of entertainment, then you should select the Tips and Toes or Cleopatra’s Spa gift card. While the first one is a specialist in manicure and pedicures, the second one is a great destination for massages and rejuvenation.

Another favorite way to be entertained is by catching a movie at Reel Cinemas and that is gifts for kids in dubaidefinitely another great gift card option for your loved one.

  • If your dear friend or family member has kids of his own, help them make their children happy by gifting them an eGift Card from The Toy Store with which they can choose from a world of fun and games.
  • A final option you can select is the gift of luxury with a Swarovski gift card. This is the gift that will allow your loved one to shine bright like a diamond.

Forget about distance when you can send your family and friends living abroad love across the borders. As soon as you start missing them, think of us as the invisible bridge that allows you to send gifts to Dubai.

Send Gifts to UAE

Send your Love Across Borders! Online Gifting Made Easy

Send Gifts to DubaiIn today’s day and age, many families and friends live far away from each other because of work or education. Distance separates and divides family members and groups of friends. Many of us have a best friend or a close relative living abroad and whom we miss terribly. It is true that many of these friendships drift apart but some, remain as strong as steel, for a very long time. Some of us can just spend hours reminiscing on the good old days when we spent lots of time with that person, simply laughing and creating unforgettable memories.

If the person you miss lives in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Bahrain, then we found a sure way to make your relationship with your friend or family much stronger. YouGotaGift.com believes that friendship can cross borders and we let you do exactly that. With our broad range of online gift cards, you can send gifts to UAE (as well as other countries) dwellers at the click of a button. All it takes is a visit to YouGotaGift.com, a selection of an eGift card and a little personalization to make it extra special.

Our platform has a long list of gift ideas especially suitable for your loved one living abroad! If you are looking to send online gifts to Dubai, you can choose items ranging from dining experiences to simply apparel. And so, gifts for the foodie, the technology lover, the fashionista and the fitness expert are all available on our website. What better way to remind your loved ones living in the UAE or other countries in the Middle East that you are thinking of them?

To make it easier to send gifts to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut and other cities, here is a short list of gift ideas that can inspire and help you make the right choice for your friend or relative.dining gifts dubai

  1. If you are dealing with a foodie, then how about offering them a unique dining experience at The Meat Co? This restaurant offers them top of the line food and drinks, as well as breathtaking views from their different branches of both Burj Khalifa and the Abu Dhabi Mosque.
  2. Technology lovers will rejoice with an eGift card from Sharaf DG, where they can find all the electronics they want as well as the accessories for all their gadgets.
  3. The fashionista is definitely going on a long shopping spree once he or she receives an eGift card from Galeries Lafayette. They simply have everything: from eyewear to handbags and luxury accessories and shoes. It’s the shop to be in for all shopping needs!sporting gifts dubai
  4. For the sports enthusiasts, you can choose from a long list of online gift cards, including Sun and Sand Sports, Nike or the Dubai Kartdrome. Inspire them to be the best and fittest version of themselves.

These are only some of the options found on YouGotaGift.com; there are over 90 brands in total that you can select to make the perfect gift for your loved one in the UAE.

The best part? That it can all be done in about three steps and from the convenience of your own home. Just head to YouGotaGift.com, select the gift card and the amount of your choice, then add your message, a photo and a greeting card. That’s it!

At YouGotaGift.com, we believe that closeness has nothing to do with distance, and this is why we make it very easy for you to send your love to your friends and family living abroad.

Visit us today and let your loved ones know that distance means so little because they mean so much.

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