The Most Thoughtful Wedding Gift

The Most Thoughtful Wedding Gift

Planning a wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences for a bride-to-be, but it gets pretty overwhelming most of the time. This hard cover binder is exactly what she needs!

We found this extremely useful wedding planning & organizing binder here in the UAE and it’s definitely worth a mention as one of the most thoughtful gifts for a newly engaged woman.

“The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer” by the knot is a hard cover binder that works like a detailed check list with 8 tabbed dividers. Each divider contains visual inspirations, flexible ideas, pockets for cut out collections and guiding information on choosing vendors. It even contains a cut-out color palette and theme ideas.

You’re more likely to find it in book stores and stationary shops.

wedding binder

Click here to view the entire binder!

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    Very nice blog.. I want to give some gift to my partner, after read this blog i have an idea what should i give.. keep sharing and updating !!!

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