September 23 Till October 22

Libras are considered as the most interesting and smart people in the group with a lot to offer. We probably all know someone who is a Libra and for that we should be grateful. Since these outstanding people deserve the best for being super sweet and caring, we are guiding you through adequate gifts to meet their characteristics.

Zodiac sign: The Balance

An adequate balance? That’s what we all strive for. Libras are lucky to be able to create a balance between the different aspects of life, be it emotionally, career-wise, family-wise, friends-wise or on any other level.

To appreciate their sense of being well-balanced, it would be nice to send them an eGift Card from Mall of the Emirates, Lulu, Carrefour, Tamimi or Jarir Bookstore. This way, Libras can pick between various options and find whatever they desire. Eventually, it’ll be their choice!

Most Positive Characteristic: Social Connections

Libras love being around people and meeting new people. They are one of the few signs that are extroverted. They’re always in when there’s an outing, a new adventure or an adrenaline rush.

Outdoor activities are the best option when it comes to outings.

So, how about giving them an eGift Card related to outdoor activities? We bet that’ll make them smile! For example, an eGift Card from Nike, VOX Cinemas, YAS Waterworld or Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

One Word to Describe Them: Fair

A strong sense of fairness and justice, that’s what Libras are known for. They judge a situation objectively, even when they’re wrong, and they don’t rest until the result is fair for all the concerned persons.

Appreciate this characteristic by giving them a Happy Card from YouGotaGift to choose from more than 500 brands. They can divide the amount to buy several items from different stores and brands.

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Make sure you give your Libra friends and family a special treat this year by gifting them from YouGotaGift. Did anyone say Libra? Now you know how to handle them!

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