We Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife – Wedding Gifts in Dubai

wedding gifts dubaiWeddings are a special time to celebrate the union of a man and a woman who share love, respect and admiration. The couple has been planning for months for one of the biggest days of their lives and are expecting it to be perfect. You can participate in making it so by offering them a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime and will make their day even more exceptional. You might be wondering what that gift might be or you might have no idea what you can offer them. That’s why we are here! We have compiled a list of wedding gifts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities in the Middle East so you can present the happy couple with the perfect gift for their wedding day and for the rest of their lives. And so, here are a few gift card options especially for the occasion of weddings, available on YouGotaGift.com:

  • wedding jewellery giftsIf you have been invited by the bride herself, then you can choose to send her a special something. A LIALI Jewelry gift voucher is a great option for the bride-to-be as their range of items will make her shine and sparkle on her honeymoon and on other occasions during their marriage. Wedding planning is especially stressful for the bride! So, how about offering the perfect spa getaway with an online gift card from SpaCORDON? Here, she will forget about all the frustration of planning the wedding and indulge in ultimate relaxation.
  • On the other side, the groom will also need a gift! With a Plug Ins gift card or Sharaf DG gift card, he can decorate his new home with the best home appliances and electronics from the best brands on the market. It’s an electronics lover’s paradise! Alternatively, you can offer him an opportunity to join Dubai’s surf community with an eGift card from The Surf House. With this gift, he can learn the basics of surfing, and even Yoga, and buy the best swimming gear from brands such as Quicksilver and Roxy.
  • Finally, you might want to choose a single gift for both of them, a gift for the couple. In this case, there are several options to choose from. If you would like to contribute to their honeymoon, then select the Musafir.com gift card or Dreamdays gift card with which they can travel anywhere in the world. Another option for the couple is an online voucher from Loomi Photography. Not only will they take amazing pictures of the newlyweds, these pictures will last a lifetime. This is a memorable gift that will stay with the couple for a very long time.

wedding gift ideas dubaiNow that the couple is going to live together, both of them need to learn how to cook! This can be done with a gift voucher from Top Chef with which they can learn the recipes for delicious dishes from the chefs themselves and cook them on a night in. This is a wedding gift Dubai-dwelling couples will definitely love!

Some gifters believe that couples prefer monetary donations than items that they will not use and some couples create a wedding registry in which guests can send money or gift cards. This can also be done on YouGotaGift.com and is the perfect way to give the happy couple the gifts that they want.

You will never run out of wedding gift ideas in Dubai (and other locations in the region) on our online gifting platform. In addition to the options mentioned above, there are plenty of others that will amaze both the bride and the groom.

Do your part at their wedding and allow them to live happily ever after…

wedding gifts in dubai

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