What is You Got a Gift?

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We are the first Online Mall for Gift Cards in the Middle East! To put it simply, ‘You Got a Gift’ is an awesome service that allows you to send personalized digital eGift Cards to your friends and family by email, text or Facebook, and you also have the option to print and hand-deliver the card.

Digital gifting is convenient for both the sender and receiver, as the sender can make the purchase from the comfort of their home by computer, or virtually anywhere from a smart-phone. Plus, with over 45 stores and well recognized brands to choose from such as Virgin Megastore, Toys “R” Us, Ski Dubai, SensAsia Urban Spa and Galeries Lafayette, the possibilities are endless. The receiver will instantly obtain the eGift Card and have the pleasure of purchasing what they want.

For many, shopping can be a hassle and often times stressful due to hectic schedules and not knowing what to get. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a present that will end up in the garbage or re-gifted over and over again. I think we’ve all been in that situation before and it’s not a fun experience.

So how does the ‘You Got a Gift’ service work you ask? It’s a simple process!

What is you got a gift

Step 1- Pick Amount

Sender browses the brands and selects the eGift Card and the amount they’d like to gift.
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Step 2- Select Occasion

Sender selects the occasion.
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Step 3- Make it Personal

The fun part! Sender customizes the card by selecting a theme, adding a personalized message and uploading a photo.
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Step 4- Choose Delivery

Sender selects the delivery option (email, text, Facebook or hand-delivery) and then checkouts to make the purchase and the eGift Card gets delivered to the recipient.
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Other benefits of using our service is that you will receive birthday reminders when you login using Facebook, and can also pre-schedule your eGift Card for a later date to avoid forgetting an important occasion. On the other hand, if an occasion has slipped your mind and you are in a pinch for time, you can instantly send a gift!

As of now, our eGift Cards are only redeemable in the United Arab Emirates; however, we are working hard to expand our locations. With a large number of expats living in Dubai and surrounding emirates, our service is uber convenient for family members living abroad that want to celebrate with their loved ones.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, Christmas, house-warming or simply want to surprise that special someone in your life, You Got a Gift is here to make gifting easy! No more long line-ups or crowded malls—you’re welcome!

Watch how it works here.

Happy Gifting 🙂

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